How To Prevent Cancer

How To Prevent Cancer
How To Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is able to tear a person out of the ordinary course of life in the shortest possible time and turn him into a deeply disabled person, and in many cases become the cause of death. There is no magic formula that can prevent the onset of the disease. But trying to prevent cancer is still worth it.

How to prevent cancer
How to prevent cancer


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A man invented an electric light bulb and a car, he has already been to the moon and knows how to make a dead heart beat again by transplanting it to a living one. But until now, cancer hangs over humanity with the sword of Damocles, causing millions of deaths on the planet every year. Nevertheless, statistics claim that about 30% of these cases could have been prevented or avoided altogether if people knew which factors contributed to their oncology.

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In particular, doctors have long proven that about a third of all cancer deaths are due to smoking. Because of that very smoking, because of which so many spears have already been broken, and the danger of which only a few take seriously. 80 to 90% of all lung cancer deaths smoked during their lifetime. At the same time, experts do not tire of repeating that smoking is considered to be the cause of not only bronchocarcinoma, but also many other types of cancer: from the throat to the stomach. Tobacco smoke is composed of many substances, 90 of which are recognized as carcinogenic. At the same time, the so-called passive smokers are also at risk, because they are forced to inhale air containing harmful substances.

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Alcohol is no less insidious in this regard. A person who abuses alcohol significantly increases their chances of developing cancer of the esophagus, throat, and oral cavity. In this case, it is not even the dose that is important, but the regularity of the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 10 grams of pure alcohol per day for women and 20 for men doubles the risk of developing cancer when compared to a non-drinker.

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Mainstream medicine has already recognized that certain types of viruses can trigger some cancers. For example, hepatitis B, a predominantly sexually transmitted infection, can cause liver cancer. And papillomaviruses types 16 and 18 can lead to the appearance of cervical cancer. Therefore, you should not only carefully protect yourself during sexual intercourse outside of family relationships, but also think about the possibility of vaccination that can protect the body from the attack of viruses.

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And in any case, it is very important to pay attention to your health and not dismiss preventive examinations, which significantly increase the chances of detecting a possible tumor, while it has not yet reached life-threatening dimensions. In particular, procedures such as colonoscopy or mammography, despite their seeming uselessness, can become the very straw that will pull the patient out of the cancer swamp.

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