How To Heal Broken Ribs

How To Heal Broken Ribs
How To Heal Broken Ribs

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Rib fractures are most common in falls, blows to the chest, and road traffic accidents. In order for the consequences of a fracture to be minimal, it is necessary to know how broken ribs are properly treated.

If a rib fracture is suspected, a chest x-ray should be taken as soon as possible
If a rib fracture is suspected, a chest x-ray should be taken as soon as possible


Step 1

Rib fractures can be single or multiple. The main symptom of such an injury is significant pain, aggravated by breathing and coughing. If you put your head to the chest, you can hear the sounds of crepitus (the characteristic crunching of rubbing debris).

Step 2

Rib fractures can be complicated by damage to the internal organs of the chest. Outwardly, this can manifest itself as extensive hemorrhage under the skin or have no visible symptoms at all. That is why, if you suspect a pearl, it is necessary to deliver the victim to the hospital as soon as possible.

Step 3

At the hospital, the doctor will immediately send the patient for an X-ray, on the basis of which it will be possible to tell how severe the damage to the chest is, and also to prescribe treatment.

Step 4

If the rib fracture is uncomplicated, then the patient's rehabilitation will take place at home, without any plaster casts. A pressure bandage is applied to the ribs, the victim is prescribed rest and it is recommended to avoid sudden movements. The recovery period for rib fracture is 3-4 weeks. During this time, special attention must be paid to nutrition, which must include foods rich in protein and calcium. You can also take vitamins that contain shock doses of calcium and vitamin D.

Step 5

In the first days after the fracture, pain relievers are prescribed. If the ribs are broken on one side, then, as a rule, the doctor will prescribe to put mustard plasters or cans on the healthy side. This is necessary so that congestion does not form in the lungs, which can lead to pneumonia.

Step 6

Complicated rib fractures are treated in a hospital under medical supervision. If the internal organs are damaged during the fracture, then the patient needs an urgent operation.

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