How To Remove Fluid In Your Knee

How To Remove Fluid In Your Knee
How To Remove Fluid In Your Knee

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Fluid in joints, and in particular fluid in the knee joint, can accumulate for several reasons. If you feel a strange pain in the knee area or something starts to "squelch" there, it is better to see a doctor right away. Treatment for fluid in the joints depends on the underlying cause for which it appeared there.

How to remove fluid in your knee
How to remove fluid in your knee


Step 1

In traditional medicine, there are two ways that knee fluid is treated: surgery and puncture. It is immediately clear what a surgical operation means. A puncture is a procedure for pumping fluid (including blood and pus) out of a joint. Before deciding on this or that option, be sure to be examined by a qualified doctor. If the liquid has collected for the first time and in a small amount, it is better not to pump it out, otherwise there is a risk of its reappearance. If there is a lot of liquid, consult a doctor and decide on a puncture - this procedure is rather unpleasant, but practically painless.

Step 2

If you are pathologically afraid of doctors and any operations, seek help from traditional medicine. There are several good recipes for joint pain, including fluid buildup in the knee.

So, in a half-liter jar or cup, mix three ingredients: 100 g of beaten protein, 100 g of turpentine and 100 g of table vinegar. Leave the mixture to sit for a few hours, as a result you will get a white mass, similar to sour cream. When the composition reaches exactly this state, it can be used. Rub the mixture on your knee before going to bed for several days until the joint pain stops. For prevention, continue the rubbing procedure for another week.

Step 3

You can prepare another compound for grinding. Take 100 g of medical bile, 110 g of glycerin, 100 g of natural or medical alcohol and 100 g of honey. Mix all the ingredients until a brown liquid is obtained. Rub the sore knee joint according to the scheme described above.

Step 4

In addition, another rubbing helps from fluid and various pains in the joints - a tincture of white lilac flowers on kerosene. Fill a bottle of champagne with lilac flowers up to half and fill it with kerosene to the very top. Cap the bottle well and bury it in the ground until autumn. As soon as the cold begins, dig out the workpiece and rub the joints at the slightest pain.

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