How To Treat Purulent Plugs In The Throat

How To Treat Purulent Plugs In The Throat
How To Treat Purulent Plugs In The Throat

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Sore throat is usually caused by inflammation of the tonsils. This is an organ that, in a healthy state, keeps a guard of health, noticing and dealing with harmful microbes, bacteria, viruses that seek to break the protective bastion and get inside - to the trachea, bronchi, lungs. When you catch a cold or otherwise, some of the first symptoms of discomfort - a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat - are certain signals that require attention, that is, treatment. If you do not take action, the bastion is in danger of falling. Symptoms will intensify and result in redness, swelling, and even characteristic white plugs, in some cases of a purulent nature. In the first stage, a sore throat can be treated on its own, but this is the second. When it comes, it is imperative to seek medical attention.

In the treatment of purulent plugs, frequent rinsing of the throat is indicated
In the treatment of purulent plugs, frequent rinsing of the throat is indicated

It is necessary

  • - Mirror;
  • - lighting device with a point or adjustable light source;
  • - putty knife;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - furacilin;
  • - iodinol;
  • - lugol;
  • - bifidumbacterin;
  • - tincture of calendula, eucalyptus or phytolyakka;
  • - inhaler.


Step 1

If you have a sore throat, examine it carefully. To do this, go to the window - daylight most correctly displays the picture, it is only important that there is enough of it. In case of bad weather or dark time of day, turn on an additional light and, if possible, place the source (table lamp, photographic lamp, lantern) in front of you. It is good if the lamp has targeted focusing, but even if not, try to position the light source so that the throat is illuminated by a directional light stream. Open your mouth and, as it were, get ready to say "ah-ah", but instead, press your tongue down and inhale. It is this effect that the ENT doctor achieves when he presses with a spatula on the root of the tongue. Otherwise, he closes his throat, it is not possible to see how things really are.

Step 2

If you notice small grayish-white lumps on the tonsils, these are caseous (purulent) plugs. The word "caseous" has one root with the word "casein" - milk protein. Corks got this name due to their somewhat curdled consistency. They are based on dead epithelial cells of the pharynx; food leftovers, unimportantly processed by specially designed bacteria; calcium salts. There can be no two opinions here: having found purulent plugs during examination, you should try to get a doctor's advice, because without a blood test and a smear, it is difficult to determine the classification of the ongoing process - whether it is acute or chronic. Perhaps the sluggish sore throat that preceded the formation of congestion could be felt for several days, or even weeks. Always busy, you were in no hurry to turn to the ENT, the temperature did not seem to be (or it was kept at 37 degrees), you thought that you would be saved with the help of medicinal lozenges with honey and lemon, eucalyptus or menthol. (Unfortunately, they have a very small therapeutic effect and their use is reasonable only against the background of treatment with other more serious drugs, but for the time being they hoped.) And only now, when the sore throat intensified and upon examination such caseous formations were found, you understand that everything has gone too far …

Step 3

Do not rush to take a spatula (and in most homes it is not, and an ordinary teaspoon can be used) and try to clean out the tonsils. Of course, this should not be done in any case, as well as in another invasive way to influence purulent plugs. Understand that this is just a symptomatology, that is, a consequence, getting rid of which you will in no way get rid of the cause. The inflammatory process at that time will go deeper, affecting more and more new cells, forming new and new foci.When you refer to the ENT, most likely he diagnoses tonsillitis, and this, with the purulent nature of the disease, is fraught with serious complications. And since you are delaying treatment, then at least organize first aid, preceding the treatment of congestion in the throat, and not just the elimination of their visible manifestations.

Step 4

Analyze what, in your opinion, caused your condition. Perhaps you had a cold and, as described above, did not receive enough treatment, causing an aggravation of the inflammatory process. Another option - for one reason or another, your immunity is weakened. Third, there is inflammation in some internal organs. The most common case is the occurrence of a focus in a carious tooth and further spread to the larynx. But also neglected (sometimes insufficiently treated) infections of the genitourinary sphere could contribute to the formation of plugs in the throat. Whatever the reason is, you need to understand it, only a doctor can do it. Delay is fraught with an even greater complication - an abscess, which, in turn, can go into the phlegmon of the neck.

Step 5

Prepare a gargle until the laura appears. It can be a fairly concentrated saline or iodine solution, but a furacilin solution is better (2 tablets per glass of warm water). Gargling to treat purulent plugs is worth every couple of hours. If you normally tolerate such agents as iodinol or lugol - lubricate the tonsils with them, for which use a spatula (as an option - a wooden stick) with a bandage. Cotton wool should be used only in the absence of a bandage; after it, villi may remain in the throat. In addition to rinsing, inhalations are shown using tinctures of calendula, eucalyptus, phytolyakka and an abundant drink: hot teas, fruit drinks, milk - with honey, butter or just like that. The doctor would prescribe washing the lacunae and, most likely, taking antibiotics. No sane specialist will advise you to select them without preliminary sowing. In case of further unwillingness to seek professional medical help, take a swab from the larynx to determine the sensitivity of microflora to certain active substances. Such a selection of treatment for purulent plugs in the throat is much better than pharmacological preparations selected "at random" can provide. Of course, antibiotic treatment must be supplemented with multivitamins (or, separately, vitamins B and C). Also be attentive to the intestinal microflora. In addition to harmful bacteria, antibiotics make many beneficial microorganisms unviable, which can cause dysbiosis. Therefore, supplement the course with taking bifidumbacterin (in tablets or suppositories). But still better - to the doctor.

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