How To Put Vaginal Suppositories

How To Put Vaginal Suppositories
How To Put Vaginal Suppositories

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Vaginal suppositories or suppositories are a metered-dose drug intended for introduction into the vagina with a local effect. Usually, vaginal suppositories are used to treat certain inflammatory diseases of a woman's genital organs or as local contraceptives. Vaginal suppositories are available in three types in shape: spherical, ovoid and flat with a rounded end. The candle weighs no more than 4 g. In order for the candle to bring the desired effect, it must be placed correctly.

How to put vaginal suppositories
How to put vaginal suppositories

It is necessary

  • - water,
  • - vaginal suppository,
  • - gasket.


Step 1

Before use, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, sprinkle with warm water (no soap), wipe dry with a clean towel.

Step 2

Usually, vaginal suppositories are included in the composition, in addition to drugs, a base, which allows you to give it the desired shape. The base can be either gelatinous-glycerin (from medical gelatin, ordinary glycerin and water), or it can consist of cocoa butter, paraffin and vegetable or animal fats. Therefore, manufacturers recommend storing many candles in the refrigerator, and when introducing them, do not hold them for a long time in your hands, so that it does not spread from body temperature even before administration.

Step 3

Before the introduction of some suppositories, according to the instructions, it is required to soak them under running water for 10-30 seconds, other vaginal suppositories are prescribed to be inserted into the vagina using a special applicator. Most candles are inserted with the index finger as deep as possible without additional devices. For a more comfortable insertion, you can put one leg on a chair and sit down slightly.

Step 4

At a dosage of 1 suppository per day, the suppository should be inserted into the vagina in the evening before bedtime. During the night, the drug will dissolve under the influence of body temperature, and in the morning it will pour out of the genital tract in the form of thick residues or liquid. If you have been prescribed a course of treatment for 2 suppositories a day, then in the morning, immediately after waking up, put a vaginal suppository. So that the abundant discharge from the dissolved suppository does not cause discomfort, use a disposable pad.

Step 5

Doctors recommend stopping sexual intercourse and not renewing contacts until the end of the course of treatment to prevent re-infection. Usually, a man may not show any symptoms of genital disease, but he remains a source of infection. Therefore, for some diseases, tests should be taken and treated in pairs.

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