Which Doctor Should I Contact If Hair Falls Out?

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Which Doctor Should I Contact If Hair Falls Out?
Which Doctor Should I Contact If Hair Falls Out?
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Beautiful and shiny hair in itself testifies to the good health of its owner, Their thinning and thinning are often symptoms of serious diseases such as lupus and seborrhea, skin infections, oncology, hormonal disruptions. That is why hair loss is a reason to see a doctor immediately.

Which doctor should I contact if hair falls out?
Which doctor should I contact if hair falls out?

Hair Loss Causes

Every day, a small amount of hair, 50 to 100 pieces, can die off and fall out naturally. An increase in this amount or when in any local area there is a loss of 10 to 50% of hair can be considered a cause for concern.

Steroid use can cause hair loss in bodybuilding men. This is because steroids cause hormonal imbalances in the body.

There are many reasons for their loss. If you do not have any diseases, the onset of baldness may have other reasons. So, for example, stress. The most interesting thing is that the loss after them may not begin immediately, but after some time, for example, after one and a half to two months. Hair problems can be caused by dysfunction of the thyroid gland, when hormones begin to be produced in less or more of the norm.

Nutrition and hair care are also important. Private and unbalanced strict diets, as well as a ruthless attitude to hair, can provoke their loss. In particular, dyeing too often, perming or blow-drying. However, most often, the concern is the lack of an apparent reason for which the hair may fall out, so you should not delay it and you should immediately contact a trichologist. It is to this specialist that you need to run first if you have problems with your hair.

If your clinic does not have a trichologist, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist. This specialist can also help you with your hair loss problem.

How a trichologist can help

Trichology is one of the branches of dermatology that studies the problems of hair health, as well as the diseases that provoke them. When contacting this specialist, he will find out what diseases and events have happened to you over the past 6-7 months, because the body does not react to them immediately and hair loss can begin only after 3-4 months. You yourself can even forget about the trouble or illness that provoked the problem with the hair, but the body and your hair will "remember" about it for a long time.

During the examination, the attending trichologist determines the extent of the problem, examines the frequency and nature of hair growth. You may also be assigned a referral to a dermatologist, endocrinologist, ENT, dentist, neurologist, or therapist, depending on the likely cause of your hair loss. Based on the consultations of narrow specialists and the tests performed, in addition to general treatment, the trichologist can prescribe a course of restorative procedures using ointments, lotions, balms and other things. In severe cases, medications, physiotherapy, including darsonvalization, may be prescribed. The latter procedure will improve the microcirculation of the scalp and stimulate the growth of the activity of the hair follicles.

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