Reviews Of The Watermelon Diet

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Reviews Of The Watermelon Diet
Reviews Of The Watermelon Diet

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Watermelon diet


In my opinion, the watermelon diet is effective, since I myself adhere to it, and I advise everyone. Watermelon, a berry that contains antioxidants (vitamins A, C, lycopene), is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium. Everyone knows that most women strive to be slim and beautiful. Watermelon is effective for obesity, gout, cardiovascular system. Perfectly removes cholesterol, beneficially improves digestion. After a couple of days of the watermelon diet, the result will not be long in coming.

Reviews of the watermelon diet
Reviews of the watermelon diet

Watermelon is not a panacea


I wanted to test the magic effect of the watermelon diet for myself. It seems that the diet is not at all hungry, to eat up to four kilograms of watermelons a day. I did not expect a particularly strong weight loss, I just wanted to slightly clean the body. The first day went just fine, but on the second stomach I stopped perceiving the watermelon as food and kept growling and demanded to "continue the banquet". The third day completely finished me off - I could not force my body like that. Itself used to eat well and I advise you.

Watermelon diet


I sat on a watermelon diet for 5 days, on a strict version (only watermelon and water). Firstly, it did not suit me because there is not a single meal of hot food in it at all (and for me personally, this is an important factor). Secondly, this diet is completely lacking in variety. And finally, thirdly, before starting this diet, I only read about it superficially, and as it turned out later, this diet is contraindicated for people with diabetes and kidney problems. And since I have chronic pyelonephritis (kidney disease), on day 3, my kidneys were very severe. Therefore, I advise everyone to consult a doctor before starting this diet.

Watermelon diet review


I tried a lot of diets, and I didn’t pass by the watermelon either! I just adore watermelons, and when I met information about it, I immediately threw it off. Watermelon has a diuretic effect, removes excess moisture from the body. For a week of the diet (in September, when the watermelons are ripe and the risk of poisoning is minimal), I lost 1.5 kg. The only negative is the large load on the kidneys. Therefore, you should not abuse it.

Delicious diet


My favorite diet. It is very easy and tasty to observe it, because you can eat watermelon in unlimited quantities. There is almost no feeling of hunger. But the main thing after the diet is not to gain the lost pounds. Therefore, for a couple of days I eat oatmeal, without sugar, of course, boiled chicken, and again watermelon instead of dinner. For some reason, in the summer I gain a few extra pounds, and with this diet 3-4 kg are lost, but toxins and toxins are removed. The kidneys are cleansed and the diet has no contraindications.

Watermelon toddler


3 days ate a watermelon.. more precisely at night on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I bravely held out, I really ran to the toilet like clockwork. At the same time, I ate vegetable salad for breakfast, for these three days 2.8 was gone. And then at work the girls are always eating, I also fell out) lured by yogurt, vipers. On Sunday I'll start a new one, I want to sit for the first 5 days, and then I'll see what and how next.

Most importantly, do not forget that the cleansing of watermelon is of course unconditional, but all the useful salts are washed out - I had caviar from the lack of potassium, so you should not sit for more than 2 weeks, it is better to take a break of 2 weeks and again for 2 laps and drink VITAMINS ! better integrated

Watermelons are not for everyone


Since I very seriously decided to tackle my figure, I wanted to find one hundred percent method. Friends unanimously repeated, only the watermelon diet, the reviews convinced me. Before applying the diet in life, I went to a gastroenterologist for examination. And it turned out that I have gastritis, which means that the watermelon diet is contraindicated for me. After the course of treatment, I will start my search again.

The watermelon diet is nonsense

Tat `yana Aleksandrovna

The watermelon diet sounds very tasty. But, in fact, the case is absolutely useless and thankless. First, watermelon has a high glycemic index.As a result, the more you eat, the more you want. Secondly, as I understand it, a diet is needed to lose weight or cleanse. If there are no problems with the second - watermelon is an excellent diuretic, and also has a laxative function, then I fundamentally disagree with the first. One serving of watermelon is one slice, weighing about 200 g with the peel. This volume contains about 12 grams of carbohydrates and 50 kcal. The calculation is simple. You eat 1 piece of watermelon per day. The average berry weight is 5-7 kg. Let it be 5. This is 5000 grams * 25 kcal / 100g. = 1250 kcal / day. The average norm for women with normal activity is 2000 kcal. When drinking watermelon, you do not move much, therefore, calories should be reduced. Then the meaning of such a diet is completely lost.

Watermelon mono diet


This diet is seasonal, but delicious and quite satisfying. There are so many varieties of the watermelon diet, but I prefer the "mono" diet for exactly one week. Everything is very simple, I eat 1-2 kg of watermelon pulp per day while drinking 1.5 liters of pure water. Watermelon has a diuretic effect and removes excess water and toxins. In the first two days, I lost almost 1 kg of weight, it all came out with excess liquid, the next days the plumb lines were about 200-400 g. It is difficult, of course, to eat the same product throughout the week, but I like the result of 3-4 kg per week, the most important thing is that the volumes go well.

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