How To Get To The Hospital For Examination

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How To Get To The Hospital For Examination
How To Get To The Hospital For Examination

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In order to control the condition of your body, try to have a complete examination at least once a year. In principle, the examination can be carried out in a polyclinic, but due to the heavy workload, doctors sometimes simply have no time to delve into the patient's problems properly. To increase your chances of getting a good examination, try to get a referral for an inpatient examination.

How to get to the hospital for examination
How to get to the hospital for examination


Step 1

Contact your GP with a request to refer you to a full examination in the hospital. Even if you are not diagnosed with a chronic illness, if there are free places in the hospital (most often in the summer), you can get such a referral. If you are registered in a polyclinic with a narrow specialist, he can also refer you for examination, bypassing the therapist.

Step 2

If you have a number of diseases that require periodic examination (ulcers, diabetes mellitus, heart and vascular diseases, or a number of dangerous chronic diseases such as pancreatitis), you can complain directly to the emergency room of the hospital. But it is still better to get a referral from a therapist or call an ambulance.

Step 3

If you are admitted to the hospital during an exacerbation of a chronic disease, then you must be assigned a full examination at your request. If doctors refuse to carry out additional procedures or unambiguously show you a price list, contact the head doctor of the hospital or the Department of Health with a complaint about their actions.

Step 4

If you have a disability, you are required by law to undergo a full hospital check-up prior to your annual reevaluation. In case of your refusal to undergo an examination in the hospital or the impossibility of doing this, you should be sent for this purpose to the polyclinic at your place of residence or to carry out all possible procedures and sampling at home.

Step 5

If you decide to go to the hospital on your own initiative (without calling an ambulance), then you can be admitted only on a paid basis or only in case of acute pain or injury, depending on the degree of their danger to life and health.

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