How To Fill In The Temperature Sheet

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How To Fill In The Temperature Sheet
How To Fill In The Temperature Sheet

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The temperature sheet is a medical document, which graphically reflects the fluctuations in the patient's body temperature during the day. Usually it is filled in in case of a long illness, especially in case of febrile conditions, when it is important to have an idea of ​​the change in body temperature by day.

How to fill in the temperature sheet
How to fill in the temperature sheet


Step 1

There are two scales on the temperature sheet. The vertical scale indicates body temperature indicators (from 35 to 42 degrees). The horizontal scale shows the date and time of the measurement. To plot the temperature curve, the patient needs to measure the temperature twice a day (morning and evening) at the same hours. The measurement results are recorded on a check sheet.

Step 2

Then, the daily thermometer readings should be marked with dots against the corresponding values. By connecting them, you get a broken line - a temperature curve. The temperature sheet should be filled in daily after each temperature measurement.

Step 3

In addition to information about the temperature of the case, the temperature sheet may contain the results of other observations of the patient's condition. This can be the heart rate and respiration rate, blood pressure level, the amount of fluid consumed and excreted. In addition, this document may contain information about patient care measures (schedule for changing linen, hygienic baths, and other special procedures).

Step 4

There is a standard shape for the temperature sheet. On it, the indicators of pulse, respiration, blood pressure are indicated opposite the symbols of the vertical scale. Other readings are noted at the bottom of the temperature sheet, below the temperature curve.

Step 5

In some hospitals, different forms of the temperature sheet are used, which differ from the standard ones. They may reflect more or less indicators. The temperature sheet is stored in the medical history and is a valuable source of information for the doctor, since by the nature of the change in the teeth of the graph, their value can be used to clarify the diagnosis, make a prognosis of the course of the disease, as well as prescribe the appropriate medications or prescribe additional examinations.

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