How To Register A Disability After A Stroke

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How To Register A Disability After A Stroke
How To Register A Disability After A Stroke

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The disability group is assigned by medical and social expert commissions. If, after a stroke, performance is completely or partially lost and the recovery period is slow, you need to contact your doctor and ask for a referral for an examination. You will also need to go through many tests and examinations.

How to register a disability after a stroke
How to register a disability after a stroke

It is necessary

  • -direction for medical and social expertise
  • -analyses and examinations
  • -passport
  • -extract from the medical history
  • -statement


Step 1

The assignment of a disability group is regulated by: Federal Law No. 181-F3 of November 24, 1995, its numerous amendments and additions of July 24, 98, of 4.01. and 17.07. 1999, from 27.05.2000, from 9.06, 8.08, 29.12, 30.12. 2001, 05/29/02, 01/10/03. Changes and additions were made in 2004, in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009. All changes and additions were approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on 20.02.06. No. 95 and No. 247 of 7.04.08. Based on these laws and taking into account the disease, as well as all the examinations presented, they can assign a disability group.

Step 2

All the necessary tests and examinations can be done in a hospital, if it is impossible to do this independently in a polyclinic. If you have already been discharged from the hospital in order to register a disability, relatives can agree with the local doctor. After that, the patient is hospitalized for the necessary examinations, which will need to be submitted for examination.

Step 3

If a person is a walker, all referrals for examinations can be obtained from the attending physician at the polyclinic at the place of residence.

Step 4

You will also need a referral for a medical and social examination. It is issued in the district clinic after the commission has considered the history of the disease and the studies carried out. The referral must be signed by the head physician of the polyclinic and the seal of the institution.

Step 5

Based on the direction, submitted studies, extracts from the medical history, the medical and social expert commission will decide whether it is necessary to give a disability and determine the group.

Step 6

If a person was denied a referral to the commission or was not given a disability group, you can contact the health department with an application for a commission at a higher level.

Step 7

After a stroke, disability is not always given, but only if some part of the brain has not fully recovered and speech, movement or other functions are impaired.

Step 8

If the disability was given, it will be necessary to undergo re-examination every year, to submit new examinations and fresh analyzes. Only disabled persons of the first group can undergo re-examination once every two years.

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