How To Extend Your Disability

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How To Extend Your Disability
How To Extend Your Disability

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To extend the disability group, you must contact the polyclinic at the place of residence at least a month in advance. You should have with you: passport, health insurance policy, certificate of the ITU (Medical and Social Expertise) on awarding disability, outpatient card of the patient and hospital discharge, IPR (Individual Rehabilitation Program).

Disability certificate
Disability certificate

It is necessary

  • To pass the ITU, you will need the following documents:
  • • Application of a citizen or his legal representative;
  • •passport;
  • • certificate of disability;
  • • completed registration form No. 88 / y;
  • • an individual rehabilitation program with notes on its implementation;
  • • outpatient card and other medical documents;
  • • work record book, if you do not work or, certified by the personnel department, a copy for employees;
  • • information about the nature of the work of the employed;
  • • compulsory health insurance policy.


Step 1

First of all, you need to get an appointment with a local physician and, having visited the ITU office, find out if there is a queue for an examination, and make an appointment for the date that is closest to the end of your disability. When you get an appointment with a therapist, you need to inform him about the expiration of your certificate of disability. He will give you a registration form 88 / y, fill out the first page and write out directions for taking tests and visiting specialists.

Step 2

Further actions will depend on the disease on the basis of which the disability was assigned. You will need to see a registered doctor with whom you are registered for the underlying disease. This can be a surgeon, neurologist, therapist, or one of the narrow specialists. It is he who will fill in the main sections of the reference and give an opinion for the ITU Commission. Perhaps he will need additional research for this, the direction for which he will write out for you.

Step 3

Now your task is to pass all the tests and undergo the necessary examinations as soon as possible. In addition to the therapist and the doctor with whom you are registered, you will need to obtain the opinion of at least two more narrow specialists. The district therapist will decide which doctors you go through. Having passed all the tests, having received the opinions of specialists, you again need to come to an appointment with the therapist. He will enter the data of analyzes and examinations into the certificate form 88 / y and write out a referral to the IHC.

The passage of the IHC commission will be the last point before going to the ITU.

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