How To Apply For A Disability In Oncology

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How To Apply For A Disability In Oncology
How To Apply For A Disability In Oncology

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A disabled person is a person who is not allowed by the disease or its consequences to live a full life: to work, move around, independently provide for their everyday needs, etc. To help the patient adapt to new conditions, he is provided with additional social support measures. Patients with oncological diagnoses are assigned a disability group after a medical examination. The procedure for passing it is regulated by the “Rules for recognizing a person as a disabled person”.

How to apply for a disability in oncology
How to apply for a disability in oncology

It is necessary

  • - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a document replacing it;
  • - compulsory medical insurance policy;
  • - referral for medical and social expertise from a medical institution, social protection body or pension provision;
  • - application for medical and social examination;
  • - medical documents confirming the state of health.


Step 1

See your oncologist. As a rule, after the first visit to a medical institution, it takes 4 to 6 months before the question of registering a disability arises. At this time, active primary treatment is underway: diagnostics of the tumor focus is carried out, the possibility and necessity of surgical intervention is determined, a drug support scheme is selected. A working patient is issued a certificate of temporary disability, often referred to simply as "sick leave".

Step 2

After the end of the first stage of the treatment process, the doctor of the district polyclinic or the specialist of the oncological center recommends starting the registration of disability. If the proposal from the doctor has not been received, the patient can independently initiate this process. Medical personnel have no right to interfere with the collection of the necessary information and the preparation of documents. Social security and pension authorities can also send for examination.

Step 3

Collect all necessary medical records. The attending oncologist will give you a letterhead, on which the specialist doctors will make their marks. The patient must necessarily visit a local therapist, take blood tests (general and biochemical) and urine tests, undergo an X-ray examination of the chest, do an ECG and ultrasound of the abdominal organs. Depending on the specific diagnosis, additional medical consultations and examinations may be prescribed.

Step 4

Based on the information from the messenger list, the attending physician will issue a medical report on the state of health of the oncological patient, justify the need for assignment of disability and enter all the necessary information into the patient's card. Extracts from the conclusions of medical hospitals must be attached to the referral to the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (BMSE), if the person was there for treatment or was operated on. If a cancer patient was previously assigned a disability group for another disease, documents about this must also be submitted to the BMSE.

Step 5

Working citizens must receive one more document - a job description. The document form can be obtained from the clinic or found on the Internet. The form is filled out by an employee of the personnel department and signed by the head of the organization. The characteristic is needed so that the members of the ITU commission can assess the degree of danger of working conditions for the patient's health.

Step 6

Write a statement addressed to the chairperson of the Bureau of your place of residence or permanent residence. Make copies of all collected documents. In addition, do not forget to take your passport and compulsory health insurance policy with you.

Step 7

Take the collected documents to the BMSE. There you will be assigned a specific date for the survey.Unfortunately, the waiting period can be extended as commissions are very busy. However, this is not a cause for concern. The date of the appointment of the disability group will be the day of the application.

Step 8

Come to the examination at the appointed time and contact the medical officer on duty who will tell you the procedure for passing the commission. As a rule, the original documents must be submitted first. Then the patient will be invited to the office for a personal conversation and examination.

Step 9

Based on the results of the examination, the BMSE specialists will establish the patient's disability group, the degree of the necessary restriction of labor activity, and an individual rehabilitation program will be assigned. In confirmation of the fact that a cancer patient is recognized as a disabled person, a certificate of the established form is issued to him. If a person) provide written results of the survey.

Step 10

Contact your regional branch of the Pension Fund for assigning disability benefits. The BMSE specialists will independently send the act of assigning the group to the pension authority within three days. But the patient must come to the appointment in person to resolve organizational issues related to the payment of the pension.

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