How To Get A Free Hearing Aid

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How To Get A Free Hearing Aid
How To Get A Free Hearing Aid

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Preserved hearing affects a person's perception of the world, intellectual and speech development. People with hearing impairments are helped to hear by sound-amplifying equipment, including individual ones. The State Hearing-Impaired Support Program provides hearing aids for the hearing impaired and deaf citizens free of charge, and also reimburses the costs of purchasing them.

How to get a free hearing aid
How to get a free hearing aid

It is necessary

  • - a passport with a permanent residence permit;
  • - a document on disability.


Step 1

If you suddenly lost your hearing or want to have a child's hearing aid, you must apply for a disability before getting a free hearing aid. Remember that disability group 3 is given for deafness or 3-4 degrees of hearing loss with concomitant diseases and disorders, as well as with significant hearing loss from birth.

Step 2

After you become hearing impaired, contact a medical facility or audiological center for a statement on the degree of hearing loss or group of deafness. Get a document from your otolaryngologist or audiologist that you need hearing aids.

Step 3

Submit a medical report to the medical and social examination authority (ITU) at your place of residence. ITU experts will register you and draw up an individualized rehabilitation program (IPR) indicating the need for mono- or binaural hearing aids.

Step 4

After receiving an individual rehabilitation program, contact the branch of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation in your region. Write an application for a free hearing aid.

Step 5

In the regional office of the FSS of the Russian Federation, you must issue a referral to receive a free hearing aid within two weeks. With the referral received, contact your nearest hearing aid supplier. If the supplier has the required model, get an individual sound reinforcement device, if it is not available, wait for the next delivery.

Step 6

In addition to the free hearing aid, which you are entitled to receive from the state every 4 years, you, as a hearing impaired, have the right to free repair of hearing prostheses and the manufacture of individual earmolds. If you purchased the hearing aids at your own expense, apply to the Social Security Fund for full monetary compensation.

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