How To Get A Disability In Kazakhstan

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How To Get A Disability In Kazakhstan
How To Get A Disability In Kazakhstan

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The receipt of disability by citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out in accordance with the Rules for the conduct of medical and social examination, which were approved on July 20, 2005 by Government decree No. 750. According to the decree, residents of the Republic have the right to obtain disability and all related benefits, but for this it is necessary to perform a number of actions …

How to get a disability in Kazakhstan
How to get a disability in Kazakhstan


Step 1

Contact a medical organization and go through the necessary treatment, diagnostic and rehabilitation measures to confirm the persistent dysfunction of your body, which is caused by diseases, defects or the consequences of trauma.

Step 2

Then, with the results of these activities, contact the specialists of the medical organization and get a referral for a medical and social examination. This commission, on the basis of an objective examination and the submitted medical expert documents, collectively determines the indications for establishing your disability.

Step 3

To undergo an examination in accordance with the rules "On Approval of the Rules for Conducting Medical and Social Expertise", together with the referral, provide the following list of documents: an identity document, information about the place of residence, an outpatient card that will allow doctors to analyze the dynamics of your disease, as well as information about labor activities. In some cases, you may need additional documents, for example, the conclusion of a psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation or a statement of an accident during the implementation of professional activities.

Step 4

Obtain the following documents, which will mean that you are recognized as a disabled person and are entitled to all relevant benefits: a certificate of disability, an extract from the "Individual rehabilitation program for a disabled person", a certificate of the degree of disability, a certificate of additional types of assistance and care in the presence of medical indications, certificate of the need for special means of transportation.

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