What To Do If Your Finger Is Swollen

What To Do If Your Finger Is Swollen
What To Do If Your Finger Is Swollen

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Often, an injury to the finger, inflammation of one of its joints, or tissue damage can lead to swelling. But for a favorable outcome in treatment, it is necessary to take into account the reason, since the help in this case has significant differences.

What to do if your finger is swollen
What to do if your finger is swollen

If your toe is swollen after a severe injury, make sure it's not broken. The first signs of closed bone damage include sharp pain, hemorrhage, rapid swelling, local temperature (redness), and impaired motor activity. In any doubt, place a pencil (or any similar object, but not longer than your finger) to your finger and fix it with a bandage. The created stationary position will prevent all possible complications. See a doctor after first aid.

For swelling of the toe associated with joint inflammation, treat with topical anti-inflammatory agents. And besides this, with the help of a medical examination, establish the cause of the inflammation, which may be in metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, allergies, or due to injury. Use compresses, lotions and wraps to relieve inflammation from the joint on the finger.

Honey cakes are a good remedy for joint inflammation. To prepare them, take a teaspoon of thick honey, add flour to it and knead until a dough-like mass is formed. Next, shape it into a cake and attach it to the joint. Cover it with a cotton cloth and secure with a bandage. Do this procedure for at least 3 weeks every day (if it is not possible for the whole day, do it at night).

Use chamomile broth, grated raw potato pulp, fresh aloe leaf pulp as lotions and compresses to eliminate inflammation from the joint. Apply one of the remedies to the area of ​​the swelling. Cover the top with cellophane and fix with a bandage. Leave it on for a few hours, then change to a new compress.

If the finger is swollen due to a violation of the integrity of the skin - abrasion, paresis, unsuccessful treatment of the cuticle or ingrowth of the nail and led to an abscess (purulent inflammation), use disinfectants. These include hydrogen peroxide (3%) and furacilin. After treatment with one of the remedies, apply a streptocidal ointment to the inflamed skin area. On a wet damaged surface, it is better to use streptocide powder. Cover the top with a gauze pad and secure with a bandage. Change the bandage twice a day.

For inflammation without damaging the skin, use Vishnevsky liniment. It promotes the resorption of the infiltrate (compaction). In addition, use lotions made from herbs and potato pulp.

If all the measures taken do not bring a positive result, see your doctor. In some cases, recovery is possible only when combining drug therapy with traditional medicine.

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