How To Get Rid Of Stomach Rumbling

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Rumbling
How To Get Rid Of Stomach Rumbling

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Rumbling in the stomach is most often a sign of dysbiosis - a violation of the intestinal microflora. And nutrition plays the main role in its development. And since this disease can lead to more serious problems than rumbling, it is better to get rid of it when the first signs appear.

How to get rid of a rumbling stomach
How to get rid of a rumbling stomach


Step 1

To get rid of gut rumbling, first of all, stick to a healthy diet. the main reason for boiling is the formation of gases released during the fermentation and decay of food masses. And insufficiently digested or incompatible food leads to this.

Step 2

Since the digestive process begins in the mouth, chew food thoroughly. This contributes to the normal production of gastric juice, its own lactobacilli, which greatly facilitates the further process of food breakdown.

Step 3

Further, digestion continues in the stomach, so take care of the normal concentration of gastric juice. To do this, do not drink before, during or after meals. If necessary, use only acidified drinks and in small quantities.

Step 4

Be sure to drink a glass of clean water 30-40 minutes before meals. It is necessary for the formation of gastric and intestinal juice. Also drink water 1-1.5 after meals. The end product remaining after digestion in the form of salts and acids is more easily excreted from the body and will not be deposited in organs and tissues in the form of toxins, which disrupt the microflora and lead to dysbiosis.

Step 5

Do not consume sweets and pastries immediately after eating. They cause fermentation, which quickly begins to manifest itself as a rumbling in the intestines. The same effect is produced by some fruits - grapes, pears.

Step 6

During the restoration of microflora in the intestines, exclude potatoes, milk, bread, confectionery and sugar from the diet. And be sure to include in the diet onions, garlic, herbs, raw vegetables and fruits, clean water (at least 1.5 liters). Every evening, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt at night. The beneficial bacteria formed in them restore the intestinal environment well.

Step 7

Follow the principles of a healthy diet while suppressing pathogenic and restoring beneficial intestinal microflora. To suppress pathogenic bacteria, use bacteriophages - pharmacy or natural (eat every morning on an empty stomach without chewing a clove of garlic). For recovery, use bifidum and lactobacterin. And to feed beneficial bacteria, use fresh cranberry juice, apple juice, rosehip broth.

Step 8

It may take a while to get rid of the rumbling in the intestines. And in each case it is individual. Therefore, follow all the recommendations until all signs of dysbiosis stop. And with full recovery, use the same measures to prevent dysbiosis.

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