How To Reduce Prolactin With Folk Remedies

How To Reduce Prolactin With Folk Remedies
How To Reduce Prolactin With Folk Remedies

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Prolactin is a lactogenic hormone produced by the pituitary gland in all vertebrates and humans. An increased level of the hormone may indicate very serious diseases that are difficult to treat even with drug treatment, not like folk remedies. Therefore, if, as a result of the examination, it is established that the level of prolactin is increased, it is necessary to constantly visit the endocrinologist, follow all the doctor's recommendations, not give up the operation and, in addition to the main treatment, use folk recipes.

How to reduce prolactin with folk remedies
How to reduce prolactin with folk remedies

It is necessary

  • - examination;
  • - treatment prescribed by an endocrinologist;
  • - motherwort;
  • - valerian;
  • - Lemon balm;
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - passion flower;
  • - hops;
  • - hawthorn;
  • - elderberry;
  • - "Novo-Passit".


Step 1

Normal hormone levels in men are from 19, 8 to 441, 83 IU / ml, in women from 50, 43 to 615, 06 IU / ml. Increased prolactin occurs during pregnancy and lactation, with amenorrhea-galactorrhea, polycystic ovary, pituitary tumor, hypothalamic malfunction, insufficient production of thyroid hormones, renal diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, autoimmune diseases, chronic stress, when taking certain medications, for example, antipsychotics. In this regard, in order to lower the level of the hormone, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease that caused the increase.

Step 2

Since prolactin is a stress hormone, all alternative methods are based on eliminating nervous tension and insomnia. But, unfortunately, this does not contribute to the treatment of the underlying disease, since all the initial reasons for the increase in the hormone are very serious and folk remedies are powerless against these diseases. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate prolactinoma and often it is impossible to do this without surgery.

Step 3

There are no specific alternative methods for lowering prolactin levels. There are only general guidelines. Eliminate the cause of stress. To cope with nervous tension and insomnia, take sedatives based on motherwort, valerian. St. John's wort, passion flower, common hops, lemon balm, prickly hawthorn, black elderberry helps to balance the emotional state well. You can take the natural drug "Novo-Passit", which helps to normalize sleep, relieve headaches caused by nervous tension, and get rid of the "manager" syndrome.

Step 4

In addition to taking medicinal herbs, normalize the daily routine, alternate work with rest. Eat a balanced diet, do restorative procedures, exercise, hardening, move more, give up alcohol and smoking, do not drink strong coffee and tea.

Step 5

An integrated approach to treatment will help you recover faster and bring hormonal balance back to normal.

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