How To Use Kuznetsov's Applicator

How To Use Kuznetsov's Applicator
How To Use Kuznetsov's Applicator

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Kuznetsov's applicator is made in the form of plastic plates with needles up to 8 mm high. The plates are attached to the fabric. Acting on acupuncture points, it helps relieve muscle pain, improves the mobility of joints, spine, optimizes the work of the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.

How to use Kuznetsov's applicator
How to use Kuznetsov's applicator


Step 1

The applicator should be pressed against the skin surface with your hands, body weight or an elastic bandage. The exposure time is determined empirically and can range from a minute to several hours.

Step 2

To eliminate headaches, apply the applicator to the back of the head, to the area below the hair growth, or to the neck area.

Step 3

If it is necessary to restore joint mobility, the applicator is applied to the feet, knee joint, gastrocnemius muscle, or to the area from the clavicle to the scapula. At the same time, it is recommended to make active movements of the joint for 40 minutes. This procedure helps to improve metabolic processes in the articular tissues.

Step 4

In case of osteochondrosis of the spine, lie on the applicator for half an hour for two weeks, taking a break of 10 days, continue the course.

Step 5

To normalize sleep and relieve stress, place the applicator on the spinal column between the shoulder blades and attach to the feet of both legs. Place a rolled-up towel under the lumbar arch so that there is close contact in this area. Perform the procedure before going to bed for an hour.

Step 6

To increase sexual activity, attach the applicator to the lumbar and sacrum area, as well as to the feet.

Step 7

To restore performance, the occipital region, the back of the neck, the palm of the left hand and the feet should be activated.

Step 8

If you need to get rid of cellulite, then apply the applicator to the lower part of the buttocks and the back of the thighs, on the thighs of the legs above the knee. To increase the effectiveness, use special cosmetics together with the applicator.

Step 9

To get rid of fatty deposits, you should apply the applicator mat to problem areas of the body every day for 40 minutes.

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