How To Treat A Chilled Head

How To Treat A Chilled Head
How To Treat A Chilled Head

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Winter is the eternal enemy of all fashionistas and lovers of beautiful hairstyles and original earrings. How can you wear all this if you have to put a big oversized hat on your head? If you regularly go in the cold without a hat and also believe that a hat spoils a person, a very quick cold is guaranteed to you. It is very simple to chill the head, but not everyone knows how to cure it later. Learning to take action on time.

How to treat a chilled head
How to treat a chilled head

It is necessary

A basin of water, chamomile, sage, rosemary, raw onion, warm woolen scarves and hats


Step 1

Symptoms of a chilled head include severe dizziness, headaches, and tinnitus. There may also be a change in blood pressure, temperature, or chills. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately start treatment or see your doctor. In no case, do not continue walking with your head uncovered - this will only aggravate your condition. The most important thing for you right now is to keep your head warm. Even at home or indoors, it will not be superfluous to sit for a while in a warm woolen hat or wrap yourself in a scarf.

Step 2

Make a herbal bath with chamomile, sage and rosemary. These herbs are anti-inflammatory and soothing. In addition, under the influence of aromatic herbal vapors, you will very quickly feel relaxation and tranquility. If you have an inhaler at home, you can use it, but it is best to heat water in a basin and breathe over it, covering your head with a towel. Place a warm woolen scarf or soft shawl on your pillow and cover the top with a towel. This design is necessary to keep the head warm during sleep. From above at night, you can also wrap your head with a warming kerchief or wear a light hat.

Step 3

If you feel a shooting pain in the ear, you need to resort to medication. To prevent a cold from progressing to a more severe stage, be sure to instill drops in your sore ear that your doctor will prescribe for you. And in order not to endure the pain before visiting the ENT, try to alleviate your condition with the help of folk remedies. Fresh onion juice works very well. Cut a raw onion in half and place with the cut side up. The juice that has emerged on the cut surface after a while, take it into a pipette and drip it into the ear. After that, the ear canal must be closed with cotton wool, lie on its side so that the medicine does not flow out, and tie the sore side of the head with a warming bandage. After a while, the pain will go away.

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