How To Make A Protein Shake At Home

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How To Make A Protein Shake At Home
How To Make A Protein Shake At Home

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A protein shake is a high-protein drink that can be consumed by anyone who leads an active lifestyle - whether they train professionally, regularly work out in the gym, or are engaged in physically demanding work that requires a lot of energy. If you regularly swing in order to build a beautiful body, especially if you are seriously involved in strength sports, then you know how important it is to maintain an optimal protein supply. But don't think you're the only audience for whom a protein shake is a godsend. Girls who want to lose weight and reduce their carbohydrate intake also drink it with pleasure, replacing one of the meals with such a cocktail.

You can use whey protein to make a shake
You can use whey protein to make a shake

It is necessary

  • - Milk or kefir with a fat content of up to 1%;
  • - low fat cottage cheese;
  • - egg whites;
  • - fruits, berries;
  • - cocoa;
  • - honey;
  • - sweetener;
  • - walnuts;
  • - Whey Protein;
  • - knives;
  • - cutting board;
  • - blender;
  • - glasses, tubes, cocktail spoons.


Step 1

Make a protein shake from foods that are found in every home (or can be easily purchased at a regular supermarket). The most other proteins are rich in eggs (in this case, leave the yolks to others), low-fat cottage cheese, ordinary and skimmed milk powder. As for eggs, nutritionists recommend using quail, unlike chickens and other birds, quails are almost not prone to specific bird diseases. Before using, the eggs must be thoroughly washed in a baking soda solution (take about 15 g for 100 ml of cooled boiled water). Such a disinfectant solution will prevent the possibility of chemical and mechanical contamination, hypothetically present on the shell, from entering the egg white.

Step 2

Mix the ingredients in any ratio. Some like it thicker, others thinner, the main thing is not this, but the amount of protein that you get with the cocktail. With active sports, the daily protein intake is calculated based on the recommendation of 1.5 g per kilogram of body weight. In other words, a man weighing 80 kg should consume 120 g of protein, and a girl weighing 60 kg, respectively, 90. Someone will notice that eating so much meat, chicken or even lean fish costs nothing, why consume incomprehensible protein shakes? Alas and oh, 100 grams of meat is not at all the equivalent of the same amount of substance used to build muscle. If we talk about average indicators, then the protein in this piece is a maximum of 20-22 g. Of course, there is much more of it in a cocktail made from high-protein products.

Step 3

Make a Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, or Vanilla Protein Shake based on the basic recipe. All you need to do is add a small amount of the title ingredient stated in the name. If it's a banana or berries, grind them in a blender along with the rest of the food. Melt or crumble the chocolate. In the first case, it can be mixed directly into the glass with careful circular movements from bottom to top to create a beautiful spiral. In the second, sprinkle the protein shake on top. As for honey, there is no single opinion on whether this product is suitable for a high-protein drink or not. Although honey is a healthy food, it is still a strong carbohydrate. The Western dietary school is skeptical about this combination, while the Russian and American ones do not see any problems. Still, both banana and strawberry are also carbohydrates, albeit with a lower glycemic index, they are not forbidden to add to a protein shake! In general, there is something to think about.

Step 4

Take an arbitrary amount of low-fat kefir, add a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese, a little oat bran, leave for 15-20 minutes.When the bran is swollen, add chopped walnuts, sweetener and mix in a blender. This recipe does not include any carbohydrates other than bran. A protein shake made up according to it, along with help in building strong muscles, will also serve in another useful matter - the bran will help to gently free the intestines from toxins and other decay products, often staying there for quite a long time.

Step 5

Make a chocolate protein shake using kefir, cottage cheese and cocoa as a base. Try not to consume fermented milk drinks in the evening. They contain a lot of milk sugar - lactose, which is still a carbohydrate. As for cocoa, it does not promote healthy sleep, toning up the body and giving a charge of vivacity that is not entirely appropriate before bedtime. Another point about cocoa. Do not buy cheap "baby" drinks, they are definitely not suitable for protein shakes - they may contain wheat flour and almost certainly sugar. If you absolutely need to sweeten your cocktail, for example, natural cocoa is too bitter for you, use sweeteners. This can be erythritol, sucralose, any of the stevia-based sweeteners.

Step 6

If you want to make a protein shake in the morning, almost immediately upon waking, it is best to make it with juice. This approach is especially correct if you have a workout in an hour or two. Liver glycogen dropped overnight, resulting in an increased risk of producing catabolic hormones that don't work well on the muscles, so a high-protein juice drink will come in handy. Stir in the juice a heaping tablespoon of casein or whey protein (these are completely natural proteins derived from dairy products). In the absence of them, drive 10-20 quail egg whites into the juice. Stir in a blender until a firm foam forms and drink slowly. If the workout takes place in the afternoon, you can also drink a protein shake with juice an hour before it (either in the morning or now, you should not abuse it).

Step 7

When reducing your carbohydrate intake, caused by the desire to lose weight or for medical reasons, prepare protein shakes without adding juices, fruits, berries, even more so - sugar or honey. Choose whey protein and skim milk. If you use cocoa as a flavoring agent, it must also be fat-free. In rare cases, you can grind a tablespoon of dry goji or acai berries, previously soaked in boiling water. But the vaunted "identical to natural" flavorings are better not to put. They are 100% composed of chemicals that, when consumed frequently or in large quantities, lead violent attacks on liver cells. Ultimately, its diffusion is inevitable. What kind of health is there to talk about …

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