What Is Asthenozoospermia And How To Cure It

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What Is Asthenozoospermia And How To Cure It
What Is Asthenozoospermia And How To Cure It

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For an accurate diagnosis of asthenozoospermia, the andrologist directs the patient to an ultrasound scan of the testicles, which reveals the degree of hypotrophy, if any, as well as infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. A man also takes hormones for research, since the cause of infertility in him may be the predominance of female hormones over male ones.

Lifestyle changes are an important condition for the treatment of asthenozoospermia
Lifestyle changes are an important condition for the treatment of asthenozoospermia

Asthenozoospermia in men: general information about the pathology, the causes of its occurrence

The concept of asthenozoospermia in andrology means a decrease in the number of motile spermatozoa in the male sperm. This disease is often the cause of infertility, since sedentary sperm have no chance of fertilizing an egg.

This pathology has no special signs and symptoms and does not affect a man's sex life. It is found when determining the causes of infertility.

The development of asthenozoospermia can be triggered by factors such as:

- bad habits;

- stress;

- chronic fatigue;

- vitamin deficiency;

- physical inactivity;

- improper nutrition;

- drug addiction, etc.

Asthenozoospermia in men can be a consequence of the transferred varicocele - the expansion of the veins of the spermatic cord.

How is asthenozoospermia treated?

Diagnosis of the disease consists in passing semen tests for laboratory analysis. Based on the results of the spermogram, the doctor determines the degree of the disease and prescribes the appropriate treatment.

As medicines, the patient is prescribed such drugs, the action of which is to cure diseases that affect the quality of sperm. However, male potential declines not only due to disease.

Since the activity of sperm and their ability to fertilize often depends on the lifestyle of a man, some adjustment is recommended. To improve the quality of sperm, the patient must stabilize his psycho-emotional state, establish nutrition and be physically active.

It is possible to cope with asthenozoospermia only by changing the lifestyle, but only if the disease is mild.

If the cause of asthenozoospermia is congenital, that is, due to a genetic mutation in the structure of sperm, the prognosis of treatment is unfavorable. There is only one way out of this situation - artificial (in vitro) fertilization.

Can asthenozoospermia be cured with folk remedies?

In the folk treatment of the disease, plantain seeds, ginseng root and sage broth have proven themselves well. However, it will not be effective for those men in whom the causes of asthenozoospermia lie in genetic disorders.

Witchcraft methods will be appropriate only as an additional therapy that eliminates the main provoking factor. If a man really wants to get rid of this ailment, he must completely abandon all bad habits and normalize the mode of work and rest. And as a special diet, he should eat nuts and sour cream - foods that enhance male potential.

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