How To Get Rid Of An Allergic Rhinitis

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How To Get Rid Of An Allergic Rhinitis
How To Get Rid Of An Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common diseases with which people turn to an allergist. Chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa causes a lot of inconvenience. Only complex treatment can alleviate the condition and get rid of hypersensitivity to external factors.

How to get rid of an allergic rhinitis
How to get rid of an allergic rhinitis

It is necessary

  • - antihistamines;
  • - nasal sprays;
  • - salt;
  • - water.


Step 1

Allergic rhinitis can be year-round, seasonal and professional. Regardless of the type, the disease manifests itself as nasal congestion, itching in the nose, sneezing, persistent mucus production, and loss of smell. In addition, the patient may be disturbed by headache, watery eyes, weakness and irritability. Treatment of the disease should be comprehensive. Measures should be taken to both alleviate the condition and to combat the increased sensitivity of the body.

Step 2

Take antihistamines. The most preferred drugs are second and third generations. They do not cause drowsiness, lethargy, and at the same time effectively fight the painful symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Talk to your doctor about prescribing an appropriate drug. The most effective remedies include Claritin, Tsetrin, Zirtek, Telfast. Take the medicine once a day in the morning before going outside. Typically, these drugs are prescribed for at least two weeks.

Step 3

If the above remedies are ineffective, use topical preparations. Various nasal sprays ("Kromoheksal", "Kromosol", "Nazaval") can be prescribed both during an exacerbation of the disease and for prophylactic purposes. In severe cases, use corticosteroid drugs twice a day: Nasonex, Aldecin, Benorin, Nazarel.

Step 4

Consult with an allergist regarding allergen-specific therapy. Most likely, it will have to be carried out in stationary conditions. This type of treatment helps to finally get rid of allergic rhinitis. According to a certain schedule, you will be given injections, which will contain a small dose of the allergen. Chances are good that the body will develop a complete tolerance to them.

Step 5

An additional method to relieve the condition is to rinse the nose. Prepare a saline solution for this purpose. Add a third of a teaspoon of table salt to a glass of warm boiled water, stir. Without throwing your head back, inject 5 ml of the resulting liquid into the nasal passages so that it flows back. Together with it, mucus that interferes with breathing will be removed.

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