How To Choose An Effective Massager

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How To Choose An Effective Massager
How To Choose An Effective Massager

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Everyone knows about the benefits of massage. Since ancient times, it has been used to improve health, recuperate after illness or relieve fatigue. Devices to increase the effectiveness of massage, making it easier for the massage therapist, have been used since time immemorial. Not everyone can afford to visit a massage therapist, so more and more people use various massagers. They have come a long way and today are convenient, effective tools for independent use.

How to choose an effective massager
How to choose an effective massager

Vibrating massagers

The most popular types of massagers are universal vibrating massagers with various attachments. They are suitable for different areas of the body. The capabilities of the device depend on the set of attachments. For example, the roller attachment improves blood circulation, fights cellulite, and prevents the accumulation of salts in the body. It is used only on a naked body, massage through clothes will not give results.

Designed for sensitive skin, the gentle massage cushion promotes relaxation and soothing. It is best used on the wrists, legs and shoulder girdle. More active manipulation allows you to make a muscle massage attachment. Its effect is similar to the hands of an experienced massage therapist, contributing to a deep muscle massage, relieving muscle tension after intense physical exertion.

In cosmetology, acupressure is used, which is able to restore firmness and elasticity to the skin. It is also used for posture disorders, corrects the figure. Often a head massage attachment is included. It improves blood circulation in cells, helps to strengthen and grow hair.

Massagers are often equipped with infrared heating, which is an effective method of fighting cellulite. The complex effect of massage with anti-cellulite cream in combination with heating gives an excellent result.

Massagers for specific body parts

Back muscle massagers reduce stress on the spine, relax muscles and strengthen the immune system. Available in the form of capes, vests, belts and pillows. Their use helps people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Facial massagers help to cope with cosmetic imperfections of the skin, increase its tone. They allow pilling and cleaning. These devices are small, lightweight and have few attachments such as brushes, sponges and rollers. Some facial massagers are equipped with infrared heating. They also include vibrating eye masks, massage glasses and steam-applied eye massagers, "Facial Saunas" and "Spa Kits".

Foot massagers are in great demand because there are a large number of biologically active points on the feet. Such massagers help get rid of tiredness and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, have a relaxing and anti-stress effect. Some models are made in the form of hydromassage baths, others - massage with rollers, vibration or infrared heating.

Vacuum massagers and myostimulators

Vacuum massagers effectively deal with cellulite, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Intensively acting on the skin, they increase its elasticity, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring the face contour. Among the beautiful half of humanity, this is the most popular type of massager.

To combat the hated cellulite, myostimulants are widely used. They break down fat, improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. They remove harmful substances from the skin, making it healthy, and strengthening the muscles of the body. But this type of massage has contraindications - these are cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, damage and inflammation on the skin, exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Tips for Buying Massagers

Pay attention to whether you can independently use the device without assistance. Is the massager comfortable, what is its weight, is it possible to hold it in your hands for at least 20 minutes. The type of power supply of the device is also important - from the mains or on batteries. Think about the attachments you need, buy only those that you really need. In addition, the massager should not get hot during use. It is also important to shop for a reputable brand from a trusted store. The availability of service centers serving this device is of great importance.

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