How To Eliminate Itching In An Intimate Place

How To Eliminate Itching In An Intimate Place
How To Eliminate Itching In An Intimate Place

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Itching in an intimate place is a delicate problem, and diseases of the genital tract are not always its cause. The fight against itching begins with the removal of synthetic underwear from the wardrobe and adherence to the rules of personal hygiene, especially during menstruation.

Where did this itch come from …
Where did this itch come from …

Why does the intimate place itch?

Itching of the genitals is a symptom of diseases of the intimate sphere of a person. It is this disease that is the very main cause, or a factor that requires immediate elimination. Doctors divided all the causes of itching into several groups:

- local external irritants - non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene, infectious diseases, the use of drugs that cause allergies, wearing synthetic underwear;

- diseases of the genital organs - inflammation, erosion of the cervix, irritation with one's own urine;

- problems of the digestive tract;

- diseases of any organs and systems - anemia, leukemia, diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors, hormonal system failures;

- psycho-emotional factor - stress, depression, unexplained mood swings.

Itching during menstruation is a common condition caused by the inability to change pads and tampons on time. Bloody discharge is an excellent habitat for pathogenic bacteria, the activity of which causes itching in an intimate place.

To cope with vaginal itching during pregnancy will help Vagizil line products, which gently cleanse delicate skin, relieve inflammation and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Ways to eliminate itching in an intimate place

The solution to the problem begins with a visit to the doctor. Based on the test results, he will establish a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. What can a specialist recommend?

If itching in an intimate place was caused by the activity of a fungus, treatment will be prescribed for both sexual partners. Women usually have to insert suppositories into the vagina, men - to treat the penis with ointments or creams. For internal use, tablets and capsules are intended.

In an enamel bowl, bring to a boil a mixture prepared from 5 g of fir oil, butter and cocoa (50 g each). In a ready-made warm product, a tampon is moistened and inserted into the vagina, washed with a soda solution.

Treatment of itching in a patient with herpes with a weakened immune system begins with the treatment of the underlying ailment. Measures to strengthen the immune system must be carried out continuously.

Itching of the intimate area caused by scabies or pubic lice is eliminated with the help of special local preparations, which must be used for at least one week. In addition to treating the genitals, it is necessary to completely replace all personal hygiene items and disinfect bedding and clothing. This is the only way to prevent re-infection.

Itching, which has arisen as a symptom of gardnerellosis, is eliminated within 10 days with tablets "Metronidazole", "Clindamycin", "Tinidazole". The treatment is carried out by both partners. This approach is explained by the presence of a pathogen in the male body, which does not manifest itself in any way for a long time.

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