How To Restore Cholesterol Levels

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How To Restore Cholesterol Levels
How To Restore Cholesterol Levels

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A healthy body does not exist without cholesterol. But a surplus of this fatty steroid can be troublesome.

How to restore cholesterol levels
How to restore cholesterol levels


Step 1

Normal cholesterol works in the human body as an intermediate, participates in the synthesis of certain hormones and vitamin D. A large consumption of fatty animal food forms deposits of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, in the liver, intestines, etc. This cholesterol is called bad. You can get rid of excess cholesterol by following proper nutrition and lifestyle.

Step 2

A comprehensive approach to improving the condition should include daily exercise and a special diet. Physical activity should be selected individually. It is important to remember when choosing exercises about a person's condition, weight, age, etc.

Step 3

Choosing your own diet, you should exclude fatty meats, smoked meats, butter, cream, fatty yoghurts and other foods high in fat. These are the most powerful suppliers of fatty steroids.

Step 4

Include more vegetables and fruits in your menu that contain fiber, a flavonoid (quercetin). Fiber prevents bad cholesterol from entering the bloodstream. Quercetin, an antioxidant substance.

Step 5

Red berries, fruits, green tea fight cholesterol. The most common and readily available fruit is an apple. Honey can reduce cholesterol to some extent. Moreover, this product has a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Step 6

A moderate amount of good red wine will protect and strengthen blood vessels. Free the body from free radicals.

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