How To Restore Hormones

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How To Restore Hormones
How To Restore Hormones

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In order for the human body to work like a clock, its hormonal level must correspond to normal indicators. Alas, for many reasons, the endocrine glands, which produce hormones, malfunction, which entails a variety of diseases. Due to the greater complexity of the female body, these problems are more common in the fairer sex.

How to restore hormones
How to restore hormones


Step 1

First of all, visit an endocrinologist and a gynecologist, undergo an examination, get tested. Let us once again remind you of the inadmissibility of self-medication. If only because there are a lot of reasons for hormonal imbalance, and only a qualified specialist can understand them.

Step 2

For example, women (especially at a young age) often have menstrual irregularities. This can happen due to infectious diseases transferred in childhood, too small or, on the contrary, excessive body weight, as well as in case of insufficient production of female sex hormones. When establishing the last reason, it is necessary to carry out complex treatment.

Step 3

Along with drug therapy, it is recommended to adjust your diet by introducing foods rich in trace elements such as zinc and selenium into your diet. You can take multivitamin complexes or food supplements containing these microelements in consultation with your doctor.

Step 4

Hormonal disorders can be treated in a variety of ways. The so-called "hormone therapy" is very widespread and effective. Many women are still wary of her, fearing side effects such as weight gain, voice changes, etc. But this was typical of the first generation hormonal drugs, while modern means lead to such consequences in extremely rare cases.

Step 5

Treatment with leeches can give a good effect, that is, hirudotherapy. It can help at any stage of the female body's life: in adolescence, adulthood, reproductive age and menopause. Some women cannot even admit the thought of such treatment. But after all, this is a reliable, proven remedy, known since antiquity, therefore fear and disgust should be overcome.

Step 6

You can also resort to herbal medicine, that is, herbal treatment. Correction of nutrition gives good results. It is recommended to reduce the proportion of meat and meat products in the diet, respectively, by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil (preferably olive oil), nuts.

Step 7

In some of the most severe cases, you have to resort to surgery.

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