How To Treat Nail Psoriasis

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How To Treat Nail Psoriasis
How To Treat Nail Psoriasis

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Psoriasis of the nails is a punctate or widespread lesion of the nail plate. Clouding of the surface of the plate, a grayish tinge of the color of the nail, a barely noticeable longitudinal decay indicate psoriasis. The nail becomes dense, reminiscent of the claw of a bird of prey.

How to treat nail psoriasis
How to treat nail psoriasis


Step 1

Start the treatment with general remedies for the body, drink calcium supplements, which provide an anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect. In the presence of constant itching, with increased reactivity, it is recommended to use antihistamines (diphenhydramine, suprastin, diazolin, tavegil).

Step 2

Take care of your nails. Avoid purulent discharge and complete destruction of the nail plate. From medicinal plants, give preference to aloe, sea buckthorn, valerian. From St. John's wort, calendula, chamomile, sage, rhubarb, make infusions and decoctions, and then add them to the nail bath. Every day or every other day, apply various oils (olive, sunflower) to the nail plates, preferably after taking medicinal baths.

Step 3

Consume vitamins. They actively affect metabolic functions, which is important for nail psoriasis. Use vitamins of the B complex (especially B1, B2, B6, B12, B13, B15), vitamins A, E, C, P. They will ensure the regulation of metabolism at the cellular level. Adjust your diet. Limit the consumption of foods containing animal fats and proteins, carbohydrates and spices.

Step 4

Use ointments, which significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment (2% salicylic ointment, boron-salidol ointment, ointments containing calendula, cotton, etc.). With a pronounced inflammatory process, flucinar, deporzolone, oxycort have a good effect. But with prolonged use of one ointment, addiction occurs, so it is advisable to change it. Make your own animal fat ointment. Take 1 part baby cream, 10 parts technical solid oil, 10 parts melted interior fat. Mix everything and lubricate the affected areas of the nail overnight.

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