How To Quit Smoking In 2 Minutes: Analysis Of Methods And Myths

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How To Quit Smoking In 2 Minutes: Analysis Of Methods And Myths
How To Quit Smoking In 2 Minutes: Analysis Of Methods And Myths

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Many experienced smokers who decide to quit a bad habit are interested in how to quit smoking forever. And they are looking for ways to do it quickly and easily, at a time. Some go to the pharmacy for anti-nicotine patches, others agree to coding, hypnosis. Most of them use folk remedies, old recipes, sometimes even conspiracies and prayers. On "word of mouth" among such adherents, a secret way is transmitted how to quit smoking in 2 minutes, using just one, the last cigarette from the pack. Is this a myth or is it really an effective way? Let's try to figure it out.

How to quit smoking in 2 minutes?
How to quit smoking in 2 minutes?

Before debunking the myths, consider the most famous facts about the dangers of cigarettes:

  1. Smoking, on average, shortens life by 10-15 years, and smokers "with experience" often die before they reach the age of 50 from heart disease and lung cancer
  2. Each cigarette smoked slowly but surely harms human health. After a month, the tips of the fingers and teeth turn yellow, there is an unpleasant odor from the mouth, from the palms. A year later, coughing begins to bother, becoming more and more suffocating and systematic every year. And after 10 years there are problems with breathing, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Without noticing it, the smoker poisons the people nearby with cigarette smoke and tar. Such "passive smoking" of children, wives and relatives is harmful to their health, increases the risk of heart and vascular diseases.

What about those who decide to quit smoking? Many smokers believe that it is necessary to wean from cigarettes gradually, reducing the amount by 1-2 per day. In fact, doctors advise to do it abruptly, immediately getting rid of all packs in the house and at work, warning loved ones. The most important thing is to make a decision to quit smoking on your own, then it will be much easier to complete your plan.

Tips for quitting smoking

  1. Along with cigarettes, give up drinking strong coffee and alcohol - these drinks are considered "faithful companions" of smoking. Replace beer, vodka and coffee with green tea, fruit juices, healthy herbal decoctions. Eliminate coffee breaks at work and get-togethers with friends in bars for a while.
  2. Quit abruptly, in 2 minutes, and the very next day the craving for nicotine will practically disappear. Only the habit will remain at the psychological level.
  3. Do you want to smoke a cigarette? Replace it with a glass of water, juice, lollipop, seeds, toothpick, peppermint lozenge. Create a distraction.
  4. Remove ashtrays, tobacco accessories, pipes, and your favorite smoke-break chair from visible places. Throw out of all pockets and bags lighters, opened and whole packs. There should be no cigarette stash at home or at work.
  5. Add exercise-intensive sports to your life. It can be a hike, swimming in the pool, signing up for workouts in the gym, morning jogging, fitness equipment.
  6. Calculate and write down all monthly smoking costs, preferably in a conspicuous place - on the wallpaper, a magnetic board on the refrigerator. Perhaps the amount of 3000-4000 rubles each time will motivate you to give up such an expensive and bad habit.
  7. Tell all your friends, family and friends that you are quitting smoking. Their psychological support will help you cope with problems.
To give up smoking
To give up smoking

Ways to Quit Smoking Quickly

Before considering various methods, let us please smokers - you can quit smoking forever, and even in one day. However, people with a strong will and a decisive character will do this much easier than others. At the heart of the habit are psychological prerequisites: the desire to relax, distract, relieve stress or attract attention. Therefore, it is more difficult for indecisive individuals to quit smoking.

In the first place among the effective methods of smoking cessation are coding, various types of hypnosis, self-hypnosis.It was thanks to coding that the legend was created that you can quit smoking in 2 minutes and forever. However, you will not be able to use this method on your own, you will have to go to a specialized clinic, make an appointment with a doctor.

The second way to quit smoking is by using substitutes that reduce the need for nicotine. This includes various nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, inhalers, sprays, lozenges. For some, an electronic cigarette is an ideal substitute for nicotine from the usual packs, while others do not accept such an analogue, they consider it a useless waste of money. Also with plasters, lozenges, chewing gums. The effect depends on the characteristics of the organism, smoking experience and other factors. There is only one conclusion: quitting smoking in 2 minutes using these devices will not work, it takes time, sometimes even a month or more.

A popular smoking cessation method is taking pills. Here are the top 6 medications to help fight tobacco addiction:

  • Tabex. Price from 300 to 700 rubles per package. The Bulgarian preparation, consisting of cytisine, eliminates nicotine cravings.
  • Bullfighting plus. Russian tablets from the Evalar company cost about 200 rubles and help to fight the craving for smoking by absorption. Forms persistent tobacco odor rejection.
  • Nikomel. Price from 70 to 160 rubles. The natural composition is designed to reduce cravings for cigarettes.
  • Bupropion (the second name of the drug is Zyban). Sold by prescription as it is classified as an antidepressant. Helps to quickly quit smoking, alleviates the symptoms of "nicotine withdrawal" with a sharp quit smoking.
  • Lobelin. It costs about 180 rubles, has a release in the form of drops and tablets. Has many side effects.
  • Cytisine. Available in the form of tablets, plaster and film. It costs about 400 rubles. The effect of taking is noticeable after 4-5 days.
Quitting smoking completely
Quitting smoking completely

Folk ways to quit smoking

Do not ignore popular methods when deciding to quit smoking. They help many, although the secret often lies not in the old recipe, but in the psychological mood. The main thing is to find your motivating factor, and what it will be does not matter. Here are some effective methods for dealing with a bad habit, some of which can give results in just 2 minutes:

  • Grind the clipped nails and mix with the contents of the cigarettes. When smoked, the smell will cause a persistent aversion to nicotine, up to nausea, vomiting.
  • Light a cigarette, take a deep breath, but do not exhale the smoke or swallow. Close your mouth, eyes, pinch your nose with your fingers. Now, counting to 10-15, you need to "chew" the smoke, imagining that there is food in your mouth. At the tenth second, there will be a sore throat, at the fifteenth - an urge to nausea. After 15-16 "chews" you need to drag on, as if smoking, then cough up. The procedure should be carried out 3-4 times, one cigarette is enough for this. This method is called Zhdanov's technique, and has many positive reviews from former smokers.

Analyzing all the methods, we can conclude that quitting smoking forever in 2 minutes is real. The most effective step is to make a decision and just throw all the cigarettes in the trash can. If willpower is not enough, special devices, pills, coding, or hypnosis will help.

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