How To Quit Smoking: Abruptly Or Gradually

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How To Quit Smoking: Abruptly Or Gradually
How To Quit Smoking: Abruptly Or Gradually

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Many of those who currently smoke often think about getting rid of the bad habit. Someone decides on a bold act and abruptly refuses nicotine, others move on to a healthy lifestyle gradually. What is the best way to quit smoking: abruptly or slowly?

I guess I'll quit smoking …
I guess I'll quit smoking …

How best to quit smoking: abruptly or gradually, it is difficult to say for sure. It all depends on the physiological characteristics of the smoker's body, smoking experience and age. Naturally, if the smoker is of advanced age and with great experience, then suddenly quitting is dangerous not only for health, but also for life. This is due to the fact that in the heavy smoker, nicotine is globally involved in metabolism. If you abruptly pull out one substance from the process, you can disrupt the entire metabolism, which is especially dangerous in adulthood.

And yet, if we consider the average smoker who is in the dawn of years, what is the best way for him to quit the bad habit: abruptly or gradually?

Quit smoking gradually. Arguments

Most former smokers, even those with little experience, say that it is best to quit gradually. Nicotine, participating in the metabolism, strongly influences many factors. Probably, many have noticed that in the initial stages of smoking, people begin to lose weight. This is due precisely to the acceleration of metabolism. All smokers know how nicotine calms the nervous system, increases stress resistance, and stabilizes emotions. Over time, the body gets used to such a recharge from the outside, and it is impossible to take away such "doping" from it without consequences.

In order not to drastically interfere with established processes, that is, not to reduce the effect of nicotine on brain receptors, it is necessary to quit smoking slowly. At the same time, it is important to find a way to enjoy other, natural ways. Some people prefer to go in for sports, visit the pool, walk in the fresh air.

It should be noted right away that the process of gradual smoking cessation is difficult, and its implementation requires willpower and character.

For those who decide to quit smoking gradually, many methods have been invented that are aimed at softening the process. Most of them have step-by-step instructions that must be followed day after day. This helps not to immerse the body deeply in

stress, gradually returning the metabolic process to its natural course.

Quit smoking abruptly. Arguments

However, there are adherents of a sharp transition to a healthy lifestyle. In their opinion, a person is able to say "no" to nicotine at any age. The main thing is to want and be ready to endure the first days of withdrawal. On such days, they recommend constantly doing something so as not to be distracted by the thought of a cigarette. It can be both mental activity and physical work.

In this case, it is easier for men, since their body can completely cleanse itself of nicotine in just two to three months. An active lifestyle will greatly speed up the cleaning process.

Indeed, it is easier to quit smoking abruptly, since with a gradual withdrawal from the habit, you have to reduce the dose of nicotine over several weeks. And this is difficult. In case of a sharp rejection of the bad habit, it is enough to say "no" to cigarettes, and that's it.

If we consider the process from the point of view of physiology, then with a sharp rejection of nicotine, the body receives great stress. As mentioned above, metabolism changes, which can lead to serious consequences.


It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of how best to quit smoking: abruptly or gradually. In each case, you need to approach it purely individually. However, everyone should remember that nicotine is involved in the metabolism and if you quit smoking, the body will be under stress. When you quit smoking abruptly, the stress will be much greater. But the craving for cigarettes will pass faster.

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