What Is Emotional Lability

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What Is Emotional Lability
What Is Emotional Lability

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Emotional lability, or weakness, is a feature of the psychology of some people. Such people are afraid of inevitable difficulties and obstacles, they have a weak ability to deal with circumstances. Strengthening of emotional lability occurs under unfavorable conditions, when it is required to show willpower, to overcome doubts and fear.

What is emotional lability
What is emotional lability

How emotional lability manifests itself

Emotional lability occurs as a result of physical health problems, when a person feels insufficiently protected and strong in order to defend their own interests. Lack of life experience and certain knowledge is of great importance in the appearance of emotional lability. A minor irritant can cause a strong emotional outburst. People who have emotional lability cannot watch melodrama without tears, they easily get out of balance and succumb to any provocation if there are those who want to play on their feelings.

In most cases, the main reason for the emergence of emotional lability is improper upbringing in childhood.

Emotional lability implies weak character. Such people have special behavior. A person with emotional lability can laugh cheerfully, and then after a short time, for no apparent reason, fall into despondency.

People with a weak character are subject to rapid mood swings and are completely dependent on the circumstances. For them, the psychological environment in the team is very important, since even the most insignificant rudeness or thoughtless word can lead such a person into a state of deep despondency. Such employees refuse a higher position, knowing that in the new place they will be led by a person with a reputation for being rude. The possibility of conflict situations can cause them a feeling of fear, so people with emotional lability try not to communicate with colleagues who are harsh and rude to their word.

Emotional lability: treatment

Emotional lability can accompany serious health problems: vascular diseases of the brain, its organic lesions, asthenic conditions, hypotension, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and oncological diseases of the brain. If a person believes that he has a weak character, and this problem destroys him or someone else's life, it is recommended to seek the advice of a psychiatrist or neurologist.

Before contacting a psychiatrist, you should be examined by other specialists in order to exclude the presence of other diseases.

If emotional lability is not caused by other health problems, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment course. With an asthenic state, strengthening therapy, an increase in rest time, and sedatives are indicated. Antidepressants may be prescribed to alleviate emotional lability.

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