How To Force Yourself To Stop Drinking

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How To Force Yourself To Stop Drinking
How To Force Yourself To Stop Drinking

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Getting yourself to stop drinking is no easy task. But if you really want to do this, then you have realized the most important thing: your illness and the need to get rid of it. Now you just have to gather your will into a fist and give up drinking forever.

Drunkenness is a direct road to self-destruction
Drunkenness is a direct road to self-destruction


Step 1

Your desire to get rid of alcoholism should be based on the fact that you do it for yourself first. This motivation may look selfish, but it is correct. If you quit alcohol solely for the sake of someone, even the closest people, there is a high probability that there will be relapses. But when you want to stop drinking for yourself, you will be fueled by a huge inner desire to really do it.

Step 2

Sport is an excellent helper in the fight against drunkenness. Regular exercise can help relieve any kind of stress, including the accompanying quitting. Get a membership to the nearest gym and after a few sessions you will feel pleasant relaxation and satisfaction due to the increased production of endorphins.

Step 3

Come up with a reward system for yourself. For example, reward yourself with something for an entire month of sobriety. Then set yourself a new goal of not drinking for 3 months. After each goal is achieved, increase the duration and value of the "reward" more and more.

Step 4

Drunkenness certainly accompanies the process of communication only in those companies in which drinkers gather. In order not to be once again tempted, get yourself another company, which includes people who prefer a sober lifestyle. If you can't find such people in your city, look for like-minded people on the Internet. For example, in communities of teetotalers on social networks.

Step 5

People who have gone through this themselves are ready to provide invaluable help in the fight against alcoholism. Start attending Alcoholics Anonymous, they will definitely support you there.

Step 6

Try folk remedies to reduce alcohol cravings. For example, brew 1 tablespoon of dry herb, consisting of equal parts of wormwood and centaury, with a glass of boiling water. Drink 1 tablespoon of this infusion before each meal.

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