How To Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own: Effective Ways

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own: Effective Ways
How To Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own: Effective Ways

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What is alcohol? This is a completely harmless way to relax for some and a real grief for others. Alcoholic drinks have no effect on everyone, but the vast majority of people are seriously dependent on them.

Quit drinking alcohol on your own
Quit drinking alcohol on your own

Addiction to alcohol progresses very quickly and over time becomes a habit that kills health and breaks a person's life. As statistics show, the majority of moral violations and criminal offenses are committed in alcoholic intoxication. It is clear that not only household members, but also neighbors, as well as just strangers, often suffer from the alcoholic's lifestyle. And it's scary. After all, the consequences of alcohol dependence are often irreversible.

Since ancient times, people have been fighting an addiction: prayers, conspiracies, and, often dubious, herbal teas are used. Why, some connoisseurs, in order to wean them off alcohol, insist on vodka on bugs or mice (!!!), and then “heal” their fathers and husbands with this drug.

You can't do this! Such medieval methods of getting rid of alcoholism are not only stupid, but also dangerous. The reaction of the human body is unpredictable and it happens that after such "drugs", diseases appear much more serious than alcohol addiction.

Treatment will lead to the expected result only if the alcoholic wants to change everything himself. In this case, they usually turn to narcologists who code for addiction or begin inpatient treatment. However, you can quit drinking alcohol on your own. Here conditioned reflex therapy will come to the rescue, namely the development of a gag reflex to the taste and smell of alcoholic beverages. This method is successfully applied in a hospital. And if doctors actively use it, then the method is effective at home.

For such therapy, special medications are used, the active substance of which causes a reaction to alcohol.

  1. Teturam. This medicine contains disulfiram and is harmless in itself, however, in combination with alcohol, it causes a decrease in blood pressure, increased heart rate, nausea and even vomiting, as well as redness of the skin. The drug costs about three hundred rubles.
  2. Lidevin. In addition to disulfiram, this drug contains nicotinamide, adenine and excipients, but its effect is similar to that of the previous drug. Lidevin also makes you feel uncomfortable when trying to drink alcoholic beverages and, over time, discourages you from even trying alcohol. The average price of a medicine is about 1500-2000 rubles, depending on the pharmaceutical company.
  3. Colme. This product contains cyanamide, comes in the form of a solution and has an improved formula. It acts in the same way as other drugs in this direction, but does not cause a hypotensive effect. The cost of the solution is more than 3000 rubles.

All of these drugs have worked well - people who take them really stop drinking alcohol altogether. Moreover, this happens without any volitional efforts on the part of the addict.

Like all pharmacy products, such medicines have contraindications and side effects, therefore, before taking them, it is imperative to consult a doctor. It is categorically impossible to experiment with your health and the health of your loved ones. Moreover, all these drugs are sold by prescription only.

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