Is It Okay To Have Sex During Your Period?

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Is It Okay To Have Sex During Your Period?
Is It Okay To Have Sex During Your Period?

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Modern gynecologists agree that sex during menstruation can be useful and safe only if all hygiene rules are observed.

What is a relationship without sex?
What is a relationship without sex?

Sex and menstruation - are there any special features?

The prohibition on making love during menstruation has always existed. During the period of self-cleaning of the uterus, it becomes most vulnerable to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria. If a married couple cannot boast of an unbridled temperament, then there are no problems - for 3-5 days without sex, the husband and wife will easily survive. But what about passionate couples who, with just one glance at their soul mate, are already burning with impatience to have sex?

There is a way out, and first of all you need to stock up on condoms, even if you don't use them on "clean" days. In this situation, instead of contraceptive properties, they will show protective ones, becoming a barrier to the penetration of pathogens of infectious processes. This rule especially applies to couples who already have genital tract infections, or having sex with a new partner.

Douching on the eve of sex during menstruation is prohibited. This will not make the vagina cleaner, but will wash off the useful lubricant.

If in the first days of menstruation there is abundant blood discharge, then it is not recommended to have sex. This limitation was established in connection with a possible increase in bleeding due to a prolonged act with deep penetration.

When planning lovemaking during your period, you should also take care of the location. You can start with them in the bathroom or shower, but if a bed is chosen for sex, you need to take care of its protection. Wet wipes will not be superfluous either.

The benefits of having sex during your period

• Naturally moisturized vagina does not need additional lubrication.

• Orgasmic cramps relieve menstrual pain.

• Feeling of intense excitement in a woman, explained by a change in hormonal balance.

Disadvantages of having sex during menstruation

When starting sex during your period, you should not discount the risk of getting pregnant, since it is present on any day of the cycle. The only way to solve the problem is with a condom.

Unaesthetic process is an important factor. To prevent partners from being in an awkward position, they should discuss the intricacies of "forbidden" sex in advance.

The No-Shpy pill will help relieve abdominal pain after intercourse during menstruation.

Not only for the female body there is a risk of infection when having sex during menstruation. With the ingress of menstrual blood into the male urethra, the partner may develop diseases of the genitourinary sphere in the future. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to use condoms.

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