Is It Possible To Engage In Intimate Life During Menstruation

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Is It Possible To Engage In Intimate Life During Menstruation
Is It Possible To Engage In Intimate Life During Menstruation

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There is a widespread belief that an intimate relationship during menstruation is unacceptable. This theory has a personal, religious and medical background. In modern society, opinions are divided, but many couples have not yet decided for themselves whether sex is possible on "critical days" or not.

Is it possible to engage in intimate life during menstruation
Is it possible to engage in intimate life during menstruation

The danger of intimate relationships during menstruation

One of the main reasons for the ban on sex during menstruation is the fear of doctors for the health of women. The fact is that on ordinary days the cervical canal is closed with special mucus, which protects against the penetration of a harmful infection into the body.

During the "critical days" there is no mucus, and the cervix is ​​slightly open. Therefore, with intimacy, the risk of contracting a partner with various infectious diseases increases.

There are also opposite situations. For some women, chronic conditions such as genital herpes or thrush may worsen during their period. As a result, the partner can become infected.

In addition, blood is a favorable environment for the development of various pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases.

The second medical reason for abstaining from intimacy during menstruation is the risk of endometriosis.

Due to the tension of the abdominal muscles and uterine contractions during sex, an increase in intra-abdominal pressure occurs.

The likelihood of exfoliating endometrium and menstrual blood being thrown into the abdominal cavity is increased.

Particles of the endometrium are densely deposited on the bladder, ovaries, peritoneal walls and even grow together with them. This leads to the gradual development of endometriosis, which is fraught with infertility.

Many women believe that sex during menstruation is safe and does not need to be protected. In fact, there is a small risk of pregnancy during menstruation, especially in women with an irregular cycle.

Another aspect that influences the refusal of intimacy during menstruation is the attitude of the church to this issue. For a long time in Christianity, a woman during menstruation was considered "unclean" and her husband was forbidden to share a marriage bed with her.

Benefits of intimate relationships during "critical days"

In some women, it is during menstruation that libido greatly increases, so the question of intimacy during menstruation is very relevant for them.

It should be honestly said that sex during menstruation has its own benefits:

- there is a release of endorphins - "hormones of happiness";

- reduced nervous tension;

- painful sensations in the lower abdomen decrease, pulling pains become less pronounced;

- in some cases, it is possible to reduce the duration of "critical days";

- oddly enough it sounds, but for some women intimate life during menstruation is more comfortable. This is due to the fact that the vagina is more hydrated and there is no painful feeling of friction, especially with natural dryness and lack of natural lubrication in older women.

Safe sex on your period

Whether or not to have sex during menstruation is a personal decision for each couple. However, if you are confirmed in your intention, take certain precautions.

Even if you are not squeamish and bleeding does not bother you, it still does not hurt to take an intimate shower before intercourse and use extra bedding and wet wipes.

To avoid the transmission of various infections and the onset of unwanted pregnancy, the partner must use a condom.

Leave rough sex for the future, be extremely careful and gentle so that blood and clots do not get into the abdominal cavity.

Try not to enter into intimacy on the days of the most severe bleeding (2-3 days).

Sex on the days of menstruation is strictly contraindicated in case of prolonged, abundant and very painful menstruation in a woman.

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