Prostate Massage For A Healthy Man

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Prostate Massage For A Healthy Man
Prostate Massage For A Healthy Man

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The prostate, or prostate gland, is the male organ responsible for the creation and excretion of sperm. The prostate is located between the rectum and the bladder. It produces a special secretion that dilutes the semen. To improve its function or to treat diseases, a special massage is done.

Prostate massage for a healthy man
Prostate massage for a healthy man

Why do prostate massage

A man's prostate massage is done to obtain secretions (secretions) from this gland. Together with the secretion, the prostate gland gets rid of harmful microorganisms. The therapeutic effect of the procedure is explained by mechanical action, as a result of which the nerve endings are irritated and the blood vessels dilate. Massage helps to improve blood supply and lymph circulation in this organ.

This procedure is prescribed for the treatment of prostatitis, a course of massage can speed up recovery. It is also prescribed for violation of potency, inflammation of the seminal vesicles, for the analysis of prostate secretions. Some urologists recommend that healthy men undergo preventive procedures to maintain sexual activity.

After a prostate massage, a man's potency increases, the sexual intercourse is lengthened, and the orgasm improves.

This type of massage is contraindicated in the acute stage of prostatitis, in the presence of stones in the prostate, with a tumor of the prostate gland, urinary retention, cracks in the rectum and anus, in acute infectious diseases, prostate tuberculosis. In these cases, the procedure can lead to swelling of the gland and the spread of infection to the urinary tract.

How is prostate massage done?

Prostate massage is performed by a doctor or a specialist who has been trained in the technique of its implementation, in this case, the procedure is well tolerated according to reviews and does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations. Each session lasts approximately 1-2 minutes. Before the massage, the doctor is obliged to examine the patient to make sure that there is no disease or its exacerbation. If necessary, the doctor can prescribe anti-infectious therapy a few days before the procedure.

The bladder should be full during the prostate massage. The man should lie on his right side and draw his knees to his stomach. To relax the pelvic muscles, the prostate should be massaged while the patient is in a standing-bent and knee-elbow position. The bladder is not emptied so that the prostate gland is in a more comfortable position for exposure.

For therapeutic purposes, massage is carried out 2-3 times a week, a total of 15 procedures are required. After 15-20 days, a second course is carried out.

Prostate massage - rectal, it is carried out with the finger of the masseur's right hand through the anus. Before the procedure, the masseur puts on medical gloves on his hands and lubricates his finger with petroleum jelly. After penetration, a mechanical effect on the prostate is performed: pressure and stroking. The massage ends by rubbing the middle line of the prostate to squeeze out the contents.

A special massager can be used for the procedure. A condom is put on it, lubricated with a water-based lubricant and inserted into the anus. This device can be used independently, in order to correctly perform the procedure, you can watch the video instructions for using the massager.

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