How To Protect Yourself After Childbirth

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How To Protect Yourself After Childbirth
How To Protect Yourself After Childbirth

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Many people think that as long as a woman is producing milk, pregnancy is impossible. This is not true. Lactation may come to an end, while the eggs are already forming, and ovulation occurs. There are no special signs of it, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to predict this in advance and begin to protect yourself at the moment the egg is released.

How to protect yourself after childbirth
How to protect yourself after childbirth


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Prevention after pregnancy should be started immediately after postpartum discharge has stopped. The best way is to use a condom. It will not only retain sperm, but also prevent infection from entering the uterus. And she is especially susceptible after childbirth to various diseases. In addition, the cervix recovers over a long period of time, gradually narrowing. In the first months, the opening is wide enough and is not able to protect the uterus from pathogenic microbes.

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The coil is not suitable for postpartum contraception. The endometrium of the uterus is restored for a long time, sometimes it takes almost a year. If you install a spiral at this time, there is a risk of ingrowing it into the uterus. Which is fraught with bleeding and swelling.

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Hormone pills are a reliable way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And some of them are allowed for nursing mothers. To understand which pills are worth drinking, you need to visit a gynecologist. He will take tests and find out which drugs will be most effective. But hormonal pills do not protect against infections at all. And they easily enter the body through the dilated cervix.

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Interrupted intercourse does not provide a 100% guarantee of protection from pregnancy either before or after childbirth. Sperm are secreted little by little during the entire intercourse and can easily fertilize an egg.

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Spermicides (creams, gels and suppositories that use a "barrier" method of preventing pregnancy) have a rather low effectiveness. Doctors-gynecologists stipulate the likelihood of pregnancy when using these funds up to thirty percent. But when paired with a cap or a vaginal diaphragm, they work very well, almost one hundred percent protecting against unwanted pregnancy.

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