How To Quit Drinking For A Woman

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How To Quit Drinking For A Woman
How To Quit Drinking For A Woman

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Female alcoholism is developing at an accelerated pace and has the most negative consequences both for the woman's family and for society as a whole. It is so laid down by nature that the male body can more easily cope with any bad habits. The weaker sex, due to its physiological characteristics, is drawn into alcohol dependence several times faster, and the cure is much slower.

How to quit drinking for a woman
How to quit drinking for a woman

It is necessary

  • - assistance of a narcologist;
  • - an independent decision to stop drinking and undergo supportive therapy.


Step 1

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that can affect literally everyone, regardless of the level of education, social status and wealth. The only difference is that more educated women hide their addiction from others for a very long time and drink alone behind closed doors. But only for the time being at the initial stage of the disease, when the body can still cope with the morning hangover and the woman tries not to lose her image.

Step 2

As alcohol addiction develops, problems inevitably begin in personal life and at work. Historically, society can justify a man who drinks, but there is no justification for a woman who drinks. A woman was created by nature for giving birth to children, keeping a home. Rarely does a husband agree to tolerate a drinking wife, although wives endure alcoholic husbands for decades and do their best to pull the father of their children out of the alcoholic quagmire. But men are created in a completely different way.

Step 3

Around there are many young, beautiful, non-drinking women to whom they leave. Unless single men can be stopped by children, and for the sake of their well-being, they may fight for their family and save their wife.

Step 4

Based on the above, the results of the addiction become apparent. Children from their mothers will be taken away for state education or given to their father, the family will collapse, and this is the road to nowhere, that is, to the abyss.

Step 5

So is it worth it for the sake of a bottle of alcohol-containing drink to derail everything. Moreover, at present, alcohol dependence is being successfully treated and it is possible to achieve a stable remission.

Step 6

To get rid of the addiction to alcohol, you need to go to a drug treatment clinic. A narcologist will prescribe a comprehensive treatment that will help not only defeat alcohol cravings, but also restore mental and physical health. And in the future, supportive therapy will be prescribed to help lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Step 7

Unfortunately, you can stop drinking without the help of specialists for a short time. Any alcoholic believes with all his heart that the last binge was the very last in his life. But the alcoholic has impaired biochemical functions of the brain, as well as the nervous system and psyche. After abstaining from alcohol for a long time, another breakdown is inevitable. Narcologists claim that this happens because before the binge the brain begins to work, as if a person had been drinking for at least a week. Binge drinking can also occur due to troubles, nervous tension, psychological dissatisfaction. So do not rely on your own strength, you need to seek help from professionals.

Step 8

After treatment, one should remember that alcoholism, like diabetes mellitus, is a chronic irreversible disease, but with good compensation for both diseases, you can live happily ever after. Being a former alcoholic is not at all ashamed. Many famous actresses and singers do not hide the fact that they are former alcoholics. It's a shame not to fight for your life, for your family and children.

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