How To Survive Cancer

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How To Survive Cancer
How To Survive Cancer
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According to statistics, the incidence of cancer is growing from year to year. This is partly due to the deteriorating environmental situation and an unhealthy lifestyle, and partly due to improved diagnostics. However, cancer mortality, albeit not as quickly as we would like, is decreasing. Complex treatment will help to survive the disease.

How to survive cancer
How to survive cancer


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No one is immune from cancer. It can occur at any age, and even in those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and, it would seem, are not predisposed to such a disease. The prognosis depends on the location of the tumor, its size and the presence / absence of secondary foci of the disease - metastases. Some types of cancer respond well to treatment, while others leave little to no chance for the patient. And yet you should not give up, in a situation where there is nothing to lose, you must use all the opportunities.

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One of the main treatments for cancer is chemotherapy. New drugs and treatment regimens appear every year, so the likelihood of improvement or even complete recovery is quite high. Despite the fact that the method itself is effective, as a rule, it alone is not enough.

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Surgical treatment is very effective, especially in the early stages of the disease. If the tumor is too large, the doctor may remove part of it or recommend preoperative chemotherapy, which will shrink and become available for surgery.

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Radiation therapy also belongs to the traditional and fairly effective methods of cancer treatment. The likelihood of developing complications from radiation is much lower than with chemotherapy. That is why this method is widely used in the treatment of elderly and frail people who simply cannot stand chemotherapy.

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Immunotherapy is a fairly new, but already well-established method of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to carry out it in every clinic, but, nevertheless, it is an additional chance for those patients who have not been helped by traditional methods of treatment.

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Hormone therapy is effective for some types of cancer. Of course, you should not rely on her alone, but with her help you can significantly increase your chances of recovery.

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Do not give up hope if conventional therapy fails. Even if the case is, according to doctors, “hopeless,” experimental treatments can be tried.

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