How To Do Vaginal Plastic Surgery

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How To Do Vaginal Plastic Surgery
How To Do Vaginal Plastic Surgery

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Unlike breast augmentation or the shape of the nose, lips and eyes, vaginal alteration is almost never publicly discussed. Like any other intimate side of life, problems with the sensitivity and condition of the genitals after childbirth are silent or discussed only in the gynecologist's office.

How to do vaginal plastic surgery
How to do vaginal plastic surgery


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Before making an appointment with a doctor or contemptuously turning away from plastic surgery, you need to understand whether this operation is needed and to whom it is indicated. Few would argue that the walls of the vagina after childbirth stretch and lose sensitivity. Such problems are primarily caused by tears and injuries during the attempts and the passage of the child through the vagina. Although obstetricians try to prevent such problems by dissecting the perineum during labor, the elasticity of the tissues and the tone of the pelvic organs are lost. In addition to these standard problems, more serious disorders can occur, such as prolapse or prolapse of the uterus, displacement of the walls of the vagina, and deformation of the clitoris and labia. With all these changes in the reproductive system, it is advisable to carry out plastic surgery of the vagina.

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Do not think that all problems with the reproductive system can only be associated with childbirth. There are many congenital pathologies and aesthetic imperfections. One of the most difficult operations is performed on patients with no vagina, when the doctor, in fact, reshapes the entire genital area. Remarkably, to perform this plastic procedure, the presence of foreign material is not required. The specialist uses only the patient's tissue. Another, most common reason for going to surgeons is the desire to change the size of the labia and the shape of the clitoris. Therefore, plastic surgery of the vagina will help not only young mothers, but also those who do not stop on the way to perfection. Another point of interest to patients is the restoration of the hymen. Despite the freedom of modern morals, it is essential for some men to get an innocent girl as a wife, so many of the fair sex go to the trick and turn to a surgeon.

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The operation will vary depending on the patient's problem. Thus, the operating doctor reduces the walls of the vagina, in other words, makes colporrhaphy, tightening the necessary tissues. In another case, the entrance is reduced by reducing the back wall, or unnecessary tissue is excised to further change the appearance of the genitals.

Step 4

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Then the patient is under the supervision of a specialist for several days. If the plastic surgery center was chosen correctly, there should be no problems with recovery. And the many years of experience of specialists will help you to fully enjoy your femininity and fullness of your sexual life.

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