There May Be A Nervous Allergy

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There May Be A Nervous Allergy
There May Be A Nervous Allergy

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"Nervous urticaria" is becoming more common. People who are exposed to serious stress in big cities "give out" a similar allergic reaction on a nervous basis.

There may be a nervous allergy
There may be a nervous allergy

All the trouble is nerves …

This type of allergic reaction has a lot of names - nervous allergy, nervous urticaria, nervous rash. All of them denote one ailment that impressionable and often stressed people often suffer from. Nervous urticaria is more common in women than in men. This is because the weaker sex is more emotional and is more likely to be stressed. However, men can also develop this type of allergy after severe stress or long-term anxiety.

With a nervous allergy, one symptom or several may appear at once. The very manifestation of symptoms indicates that the person has a serious unresolved conflict.

It can be self-hypnosis or suspiciousness

Many experts argue that such a phenomenon as a nervous allergy does not exist at all. They believe that the body is simply reacting to a severe stressful situation, and that this reaction occurs in the form of such familiar symptoms. A similar pseudo-allergy can occur in especially suspicious people with a shattered psyche. In some cases, it is enough for such a person to look at a dog or cat from afar to get a choking attack or a rash.

Unfortunately, nervous allergies also occur in children. Most often this happens when a child is just getting used to school or no longer cope with school loads. Quarrels with peers, conflicts with teachers - all this can lead to a nervous allergy to kindergarten or school. In this case, an appeal to a child psychologist can help, and in the most unpleasant cases, a change of educational institution.

A visit to a psychotherapist can help alleviate the manifestations of nervous allergies. Usually, if you get to the bottom of the causes of stress, such unpleasant reactions go away on their own. However, it is very important to choose a good professional.

Other manifestations of nervous allergy

This type of allergy can manifest itself in completely different ways. Most often, this is a rash in the form of small patches on the skin, which over time merge into one large spot. Similar rashes can occur on the inside of the arms, on the face, on the abdomen, in the throat and underarms. Such rashes can be very itchy, which is a sign of classic urticaria.

Nervous allergies can manifest themselves in more than just a rash. Choking attacks, nausea, lacrimation, sweating, indigestion, tremors in the limbs, loss of consciousness and heart palpitations can develop as an allergic reaction on a nervous basis.

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