How Does Citramone Affect The Body

How Does Citramone Affect The Body
How Does Citramone Affect The Body

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After listening to the advice of friends and acquaintances, we thoughtlessly take medications, considering them harmless and rather weak. However, any drug contains substances that have different effects on our body. Therefore, before taking the medicine, it is still better to learn more about its effect on the body, especially if it is taken regularly.

How does citramone affect the body
How does citramone affect the body

Citramon is a popular pain reliever that people can use without any control, without thinking about how it affects the body. There is even a myth that this medicine helps to get rid of a hangover. Knowing the composition of this drug will help you understand the meaning of its action.

This is not to say that citramon has so many contraindications. However, there are quite serious ones: it should not be taken during pregnancy; after childbirth, if the woman is breastfeeding; before operations; with gout and a sick liver.

Most of the drugs currently produced under the names Citramon, Aquacitramon and Citramon-P contain only aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), caffeine and paracetamol. In the composition of modern citramon, phenacetin no longer exists, since it is recognized as a toxic substance.

This drug is most helpful for headaches of various origins, and also slightly reduces toothache and muscle pain. It is also used as an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent. The composition of the substances in citramone is selected so that they enhance and complement each other's action, so the effect of taking the medicine comes pretty quickly:

- aspirin relieves inflammation, lowers body temperature and reduces pain in body tissues;

- caffeine has an invigorating effect and increases overall blood circulation;

- paracetamol neutralizes substances that cause headaches.

As for taking citramone with a hangover, this is just a myth. The main reason for a hangover is a violation of the water-salt balance, which the drug cannot establish. It undoubtedly has a short-term effect, but at the same time it can bring great harm, because paracetamol will heavily load the liver, and together with decay products can lead to an increase in the hangover syndrome. In addition, caffeine will increase tissue oxygen demand and may increase nausea and even induce vomiting. Aspirin can harm the gastrointestinal tract.

As you can see, it is also necessary to study known drugs so as not to accidentally harm your body.

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