How Often You Can Use The Medicine "Microlax"

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How Often You Can Use The Medicine "Microlax"
How Often You Can Use The Medicine "Microlax"

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Microlax is a combined laxative. The drug is released in the form of a solution for administration into the rectum. Mikrolax contains several active ingredients that effectively soften stool and facilitate the process of defecation.

How often can the medicine be used
How often can the medicine be used


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"Microlax" is sold in plastic bottles with a tip for single use, each bottle contains 5 ml of the drug. The preparation contains sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, sodium citrate, sorbitol solution, as well as auxiliary substances (sorbic acid, glycerin, water). Sodium citrate displaces water associated with fecal masses, sorbitol ensures the flow of water into the large intestine, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate helps to liquefy intestinal contents.

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Under the action of "Mikrolax" fecal masses soften, bowel emptying is stimulated. The agent has a local effect without getting into the systemic circulation. After the introduction of microclysters, the effect occurs in five to fifteen minutes. Since the drug directly affects the contents of the colon, the effect occurs faster than from taking laxatives.

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Mikrolax is used to treat constipation of various origins in adults and children, as well as to prepare the colon for diagnostic tests (sigmoidoscopy, irrigoscopy). The drug is used twenty to thirty minutes before the study of the intestine. Since the agent has no effect on the upper gastrointestinal tract, it can be used in pregnant women, lactating women and newborns.

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For the treatment of constipation in newborns, the drug can be used from the first days of life. For infants, the tip is inserted only half the length, the contents of the tube are injected completely. After microclysters, it is recommended to massage the baby's tummy in a clockwise circular motion. Adults and children from the age of 3 years old need to insert the tip to its full length, and then enter the contents of the tube. In the event that after using the drug there is no bowel movement, you should consult a doctor.

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The question of how often you can use "Microlax" must be decided by the attending physician. If necessary, do it daily, but it is better to use the drug as little as possible. "Microlax" helps to empty the intestines, but does not eliminate the cause of disturbances in its work, its indiscriminate use can lead to chronic constipation.

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"Microlax" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components. The side effects of the drug include the possible appearance of a slight burning sensation in the rectal area, the development of allergic reactions. No cases of Mikrolax overdose have been identified. There are no data on interactions with other drugs.

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