Irikar: Instructions For Use, Price

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Irikar: Instructions For Use, Price
Irikar: Instructions For Use, Price

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Irikar is a homeopathic remedy that has antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties. The medicine is produced in Germany, produced in the form of external agents. Despite the natural composition, it must be taken in accordance with the instructions.


Composition and form


The German drug "Irikar" has established itself as a natural remedy, which is based on a water-alcohol tincture of the flowering plant Cardiospermum. This plant is widely used in folk medicine as an anti-rheumatic and anti-allergic agent. Auxiliary components of the drug are the following components:

  • lanolin, which has healing properties;
  • liquid paraffin that stimulates blood circulation;
  • glycerin, known for its emollient properties;
  • cetyl alcohol;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • purified water.

Pharmaceutical company Dr. Willmar Schwabe offers its customers Irikar homeopathic remedy in the form of ointment and cream. The ointment has a denser texture, absorbs longer and has a more prolonged effect. The cream has a slight benzaldehyde odor, but the ointment does not.

Pharmacological properties

The drug "Irikar", created on the basis of cardiospermum, is able to quickly penetrate into tissues, regulate the functioning of lysosomal membranes, preventing the release of enzymes in lysosomes. Plant sterols relieve inflammation and itching in skin diseases. The chemical composition of the tropical vine is very rich. Here you can see valuable biologically active substances that stimulate the rapid removal of edema, pain, itching. The drug is not hormonal.


Since the drug is created on the basis of a matrix tincture, it quickly has a positive effect. The active components enter the blood almost immediately after applying the drug to the skin. Non-toxic if used topically. It is excreted by the body through the kidneys, does not accumulate.



Irikar components have many medicinal properties. The drug is widely used for inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema. It has proven itself well for insect bites.

Since this homeopathic remedy has an analgesic effect, rheumatologists use it in their practice. "Irikar" is used for arthritis, rheumatism to relieve pain.


Halikakabian cardiospermum is not used orally, since it is toxic in the form of an oral agent. If a person has previously had an allergic reaction to plants of the Sapindov family, the drug should be excluded from therapy. Very careful should be used "Irikar" and those people who are allergic to other herbs. In this case, an allergy test should be carried out by applying a minimum amount of the external agent to the elbow and assessing the condition of the skin after a few hours.

In pediatrics "Irikar" can be used, but only in relation to children over one year old and under the watchful supervision of the attending physician.

For women in position and nursing mothers, this homeopathic remedy is contraindicated, despite the relatively safe herbal composition.

Mode of application


Before starting treatment, you should decide on the form of the medicine. The ointment contains a higher amount of fat, so it should be preferred if there are dry skin inflammations. It has the highest penetration rate.

The cream is prescribed if weeping skin inflammations are diagnosed. This form of the drug is absorbed faster, does not leave marks on clothes, but the penetration depth of such a product is slightly less.

Use the medicine "Irikar" only externally, applying 3 times a day to the affected skin with a thin layer of massaging movements, while applying a bandage is not necessary. The course of treatment is on average 2 weeks, but it can be extended for a longer time. In the absence of a positive effect, you should consult a doctor to adjust therapy. If the skin condition worsens, the drug should be discontinued and a specialist should be consulted.

Side effects

Irikar rarely causes negative consequences, but it can cause allergic reactions, manifested in the form of burning sensation, increased itching, skin hyperemia, and the appearance of a rash typical of urticaria. In this case, you should cancel the medication, take an antihistamine and consult a dermatologist.

Interaction with other drugs

Irikar works well with other products of the pharmaceutical market. But multidirectional external agents should be applied to the skin, waiting for a short time interval. Oral drugs can be used concomitantly with cardiospemum.


The shelf life of the cream is 3 years, the ointment is 5 years. After opening, the product should be used within 6 months, after this time the product must be disposed of. It is advisable to store it at a temperature of 0 to 25 degrees in a dark place.

Analogues and cost


Irikar ointment in the amount of 50 g will cost the buyer 300-330 rubles. The price for the same amount of cream is 580-600 rubles. Since the German pharmaceutical company supplies its product to Russia in an unstable manner, it is difficult to find it in the pharmacy chain. The German drug "Fidesan-Hel" has an identical composition, the cost of which is 635-650 rubles.


The drug "Irikar" has both positive and negative reviews.

One girl suffered from atopic dermatitis since childhood. To relieve skin rashes, the allergist constantly prescribed hormonal ointments to her, which gave a temporary effect. A pharmacist friend advised her Irikar homeopathic remedy. In the hope of getting rid of itchy spots on the body, the girl immediately acquired an ointment. The miracle did not happen: the body began to itch even more, edema appeared, healthy areas of the skin turned red. The drug was canceled.

Another woman noticed a positive effect, but it was short-lived. Earlier, her legs began to itch badly, she also, as in the previous case, saved herself with hormonal ointments. And then she happened to "get acquainted" with the cream "Irikar". Itching after 2 times of use became much less, but as soon as the drug was discontinued, all the symptoms of the disease returned, although they became weaker. The patient noticed the effect of the cream, but it was insignificant for her.

As for the use of the cream in pediatrics, its effect is appreciated. One mother has been battling atopic dermatitis in her son since he was 2 months old. That she just didn’t try, but it’s all to no avail. One doctor prescribed Irikar for an itch. Imagine mommy's surprise when her child began to sleep peacefully, which meant that the itch no longer bothers the boy. A little later, the woman's grandmother was sprinkled on the background of stress. She immediately remembered about the miracle remedy, which this time helped to save the situation.

Another man shared his positive comments on this homeopathic remedy. He never had allergies, but in the summer there was severe irritation on his neck, the skin turned red, swelling and pain appeared. The dermatologist diagnosed contact dermatitis and prescribed a hormonal external remedy, which made the situation even more dire. The man turned to a homeopath, who advised Irikar ointment. After 2 days of using the medicine, the pain and swelling went away, after another 5 days there was no trace of irritation.

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