Alpha Normix: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Alpha Normix: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price
Alpha Normix: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Alpha Normix is ​​an effective antibiotic that is actively used to treat diseases caused by gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that provoke the appearance of gastrointestinal infections. In order not to run into side reactions, you should take the drug strictly according to the instructions.

Alpha normix: instructions for use, indications, price
Alpha normix: instructions for use, indications, price


Alpha Normix is ​​a product of an Italian pharmaceutical company. Now you can buy the drug in the form of tablets and granules. It contains rifaximin, which exhibits bactericidal properties.


Rifaximin rather slowly and in a small volume enters the bloodstream. High concentrations of the substance are observed in the gastrointestinal tract. Works in the body for about 3 days, after which it is excreted by the intestines.


Antibiotic "Alpha normix", due to its medicinal properties, copes well with bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract. The medicine is taken for acute infections, as well as during diarrhea. Doctors prescribe it when detecting excessive growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal tract, hepatic encephalopathy, dysbiosis and intestinal diverticulosis.

Rifaximin is prescribed as a symptomatic therapy of chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for the prevention of complications after therapeutic manipulations with the intestinal tract.


The drug "Alpha Normix" should not be used in case of intestinal obstruction, ulcerative lesions of the intestine and in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Mode of application

Rifaximin tablets are recommended to drink 1 piece every 8 hours. The dosage can be doubled, but the amount of the drug should be increased only under the supervision of the attending physician. The duration of therapy should not be more than a week. If necessary, a month later, the course is repeated.

A suspension is prepared from the Alpha Normix granules. To do this, open the bottle and pour water into it up to the mark indicated on it. Shake. Add water again until a liquid volume of 60 ml is obtained. The amount of the liquid form of the drug taken depends on the disease. For example, with diarrhea, it is advised to drink 10 ml of suspension every 6 hours.

Side effects

With individual drug intolerance, patients may encounter problems in the cardiovascular system, sensory organs. Often, patients complain of dizziness, loss of taste, sleep disturbance, migraine, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, dry throat.

Sometimes there are malfunctions in the digestive and urinary systems. There are cases when doctors diagnose lymphotcytosis, monocytosis, myalgia. The appearance of dermatological skin reactions, pain in the lumbar spine, muscle weakness is possible.

Cost and analogues

12 Alfa Normix tablets will cost the patient 750 rubles. Granules for the preparation of the medicine cost about 930 rubles at the pharmacy. You can purchase a drug with a similar spectrum of action. You can replace "Alpha Normix" with the following medicines:

  • Enterofuril;
  • "Metronidazole";
  • Enterol;
  • "Nystatin";
  • "Pimafucin".

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