What Nuts Are Good For Pregnancy

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What Nuts Are Good For Pregnancy
What Nuts Are Good For Pregnancy
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The diet of the expectant mother should be as varied and complete as possible, healthy food will not only help support the strength of the pregnant woman, it will become a source of important trace elements and vitamins for the baby. However, if nuts should be present in the everyday menu of an ordinary healthy woman, then during pregnancy these allergens should be eaten with caution. Not forgetting about the nutritional value of nuts, you need to remember that due to hormonal changes, the body of a pregnant woman can react unpredictably to their intake.

What nuts are good for pregnancy
What nuts are good for pregnancy


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Nuts are distinguished by their rich energy value, but it is these foods that traditionally occupy the leading positions in the list of food allergens. Nuts, depending on the type, contain carbohydrates, dietary fiber, calcium, fats, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium and other substances useful for the expectant mother.

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Eating nuts during pregnancy, a pregnant woman raises her mood, improves the functioning of the brain. These products reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis, they contribute to the proper growth of bones and muscles of the baby. Also, despite the high calorie content, walnuts and other nuts help to keep the weight normal. Therefore, the benefits of eating nuts when carrying a baby are obvious.

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In order not to harm her body and the health of the child, a pregnant woman should gradually introduce nuts into her diet, even if she did not have an allergy to her favorite delicacy before. The fact is that these products are difficult to digest, and with a large one-time intake, nuts can even cause irritation of the gastric mucosa.

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Pregnant women should prefer raw nuts over fried ones. Since ancient times, walnuts are considered the most useful nuts; their kernels can be pre-soaked in water to remove bitterness. Hazelnuts and almonds are also valuable for the expectant mother - they increase hemoglobin. With severe fatigue, a pine nut should appear in a woman's diet. Cashews, pistachios and almonds also strengthen the immune system and help stabilize blood pressure.

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During pregnancy, almost all types of nuts are useful, however, it is necessary to use pine nuts and peanuts with caution. These products are the most powerful allergens, peanuts can cause angioedema, anaphylactic shock.

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Ideally, nutritionists advise pregnant women to combine nuts with dried fruits or fresh herbs; no more than 25-30 grams should be eaten per day. product. It is advisable to grind nuts thoroughly, buying products exclusively in trusted stores. When purchasing packaging, check if the nuts are moldy - when stored in high humidity conditions, harmful microtoxins are formed in such food.

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With special care, you need to use the treat during the second and next trimester of pregnancy. And due to the fact that allergens accumulate in the human body gradually, it is necessary to start with just one or even half a nut a day. The daily allowance can be increased after 5 days.

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