How Often Can An Enema Be Done?

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How Often Can An Enema Be Done?
How Often Can An Enema Be Done?

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Frequent enemas are dangerous by the addiction of the intestine to the facilitation of its direct functions, which is fraught with constipation. In order to lose weight, they can be put no more than 1 time a week, treatment - in agreement with the doctor. If an enema is chosen as an aid in therapeutic fasting, it is given every other day, but no more than 7 times.

Passion for enemas is fraught with intestinal dysfunction
Passion for enemas is fraught with intestinal dysfunction

Setting an enema: the purpose of the procedure, its varieties

An enema is a procedure that involves injecting fluid into the rectum. Its purpose can be different. For cleansing purposes, it is placed with constipation, before surgery or childbirth, or on the eve of certain diagnostic studies. Such a cleansing procedure is carried out using water at room temperature, which is not absorbed by the intestines, but comes out together with softened feces.

If an enema is given for the purpose of medical washing, the rubber "pear" is filled with a solution, which can be used as special medications and suspensions, as well as herbal decoctions. The choice of this method of treatment is explained by the fact that absorption of drugs in the rectum occurs much faster than with internal use.

Nutrient and drip enemas were invented to feed unconscious patients. A special nutrient solution was introduced into their intestines, after the absorption of which the patient's body received all the necessary substances. Intravenous and tube feeding has become a worthy replacement for the nutritious enema actively used by physicians in the last century.

Contraindications to enemas are internal bleeding, abdominal pain, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the colon, malignant diseases of the digestive system.

How many times can an enema be given for medicinal purposes

To eliminate the intoxication of the body that accompanies an infectious disease, as prescribed by a doctor, an enema is given every day. A single volume of liquid can vary within 1–1.5 liters, but the temperature should not exceed 37.5 degrees, otherwise warmer water will only intensify intoxication, being rapidly absorbed into the intestinal walls.

In order to lower the high body temperature, setting an enema is allowed up to 3 times a day. The water should be at room temperature, not lower. This approach allows you to smoothly reduce the temperature without the development of side effects.

In case of serious food poisoning, in addition to the traditional gastric lavage, the doctor may recommend giving an enema several times in a row. In this case, for thorough washing of the intestines at a time, 2 liters of water with a temperature of up to 37 degrees should be introduced into it. This procedure does not affect the intestinal microflora, since water only softens the feces and facilitates their excretion.

With a long stool retention, an enema is given once. In this case, oil or glycerin is added to the water. If constipation is a constant problem, it is not worth solving it with enemas, otherwise the intestines will cease to perform their functions on their own. If a child has constipation, he can only be given a special glycerin micro enema.

How often do they give an enema for weight loss?

Enema as a way to lose weight quickly can be done with pure water or with the addition of oil or lemon.

If an enema is given for the purpose of losing weight, eating hearty meals is prohibited. You can relieve hunger attacks with vegetable salads and juices.

You need to install it only once a week. The water temperature should not exceed 36 degrees, and for the first procedure, you must use at least 1.5 liters of liquid. Before starting the procedure, experts advise drinking water. The following can be said about how effective such an event is.In the process of cleansing the intestines with the help of an enema, you can lose up to 5 kg of weight - depending on the characteristics of the body and its reaction to cleansing.

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