How To Remove A Hemangioma

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How To Remove A Hemangioma
How To Remove A Hemangioma

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Many people may suddenly find on their face or body a shapeless, swollen red "speck" that looks like a mole. This is a hemangioma, which is the result of a benign proliferation of blood vessels. It is not dangerous, since it does not degenerate into a malignant tumor. But during the period of active growth, the hemangioma can greatly increase in size.

How to remove a hemangioma
How to remove a hemangioma


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Along with hemangiomas located on the surface of the skin, there are often formations localized in the thickness of the skin or subcutaneous fatty tissue. There are cases when hemangiomas are located in the internal organs of a person, mainly in the liver. But they can be in muscle tissue, and even in bone. Since they, as a rule, do not cause discomfort, this is discovered by chance, during a medical examination.

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Although these formations, as a rule, do not cause pain to a person, they can cause severe moral discomfort if they are, for example, on the face. In addition, in cases where hemangiomas grow to large sizes, the normal functioning of nearby internal organs may be disrupted. Still, such formations can "provoke" a response from the body, which took them for a malignant neoplasm. The hematopoietic system will begin to fight a relatively harmless hemangioma, as with a cancerous tumor, while consuming platelets in large quantities. This, in turn, can cause their deficiency and a decrease in blood clotting. Therefore, it is better to still resort to the help of an experienced surgeon.

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Basically, hemangiomas localized on the skin are coagulated using a laser. If it is located on an internal organ, it is necessary to do a resection (surgical removal). In any case, it is necessary to give the doctor as complete information as possible: when the hemangioma appeared, how quickly it increased in size, was it accompanied by the appearance of any other formations. This information will help your doctor choose the best treatment.

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