How To Strengthen The Foot

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How To Strengthen The Foot
How To Strengthen The Foot

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A sedentary lifestyle and prolonged exposure to adverse factors can weaken the muscles of the foot and develop flat feet. But if you carry out vigorous and persistent gymnastics for the feet, then you can prevent their deformation and its further consequences.

How to strengthen the foot
How to strengthen the foot


Step 1

To strengthen your foot, eliminate all unfavorable factors - uncomfortable or inappropriate shoes, prolonged stay on your feet, overweight and excessive physical activity.

Step 2

Do a daily set of exercises to strengthen your feet, ankles, and calf muscles. When the result appears from these exercises, continue doing them 2-3 times a week for the purpose of prevention.

Step 3

Begin a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the foot with walking on toes, and then lifting on them. And complete the exercise by walking on the outer and then the inner edge of the foot. Perform all activities to rhythmic music for 5 minutes each.

Step 4

To strengthen the ankle, perform an incline walk on toes. To do this exercise at an angle, place something resembling a board (plywood, etc.) on a bench or any short object so that you can climb up. And go up on your toes. Do it several times.

Step 5

To strengthen the muscles in your foot, practice walking on a stick or hoop, and rolling your feet and toes with a small ball. Standing with your feet on a stick or hoop, do a squat.

Step 6

While sitting on a chair with your legs extended on the floor, alternately pull each foot toward you. In the same starting position, grab with your toes and pick up small objects from the floor - cubes, sticks, balls and others.

Step 7

Combine exercises to strengthen the feet with general strengthening of the body - hardening, walking barefoot on sand and stones, wet grass. Also take sun and air baths. And be sure to drink vitamin and mineral complexes.

Step 8

To prevent flat feet and maintain the arch of the foot, use orthopedic insoles and massage your feet from time to time. Avoid walking in high heels for the period of gymnastics for the feet.

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