How To Wear A Neck Brace

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How To Wear A Neck Brace
How To Wear A Neck Brace

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A cervical bandage is prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of osteochondrosis and instability of the vertebrae, for eliminating the consequences of a fracture, as well as for immobilization after injuries and operations. For effective treatment, it is important to follow the rules for using the bandage.

How to wear a neck brace
How to wear a neck brace


Step 1

The cervical brace, or the Chance collar, is designed for an average degree of fixation of the cervical spine and head. It relieves the neck muscles and limits the mobility of the head. Use this device strictly as directed by your doctor.

Step 2

Find the correct collar size by measuring the distance from the middle of the collarbone to the corner of the lower jaw. The resulting figure - the height of the neck - will be the desired size. You can do it yourself, but in most cases, the sellers of orthopedic stores will select the correct size of the bandage themselves.

Step 3

Put on the collar directly on the body, the chin should "lie" comfortably in the corresponding recess. Fasten the Velcro on the back of your neck so that breathing is not difficult, but in the meantime, the movements of the neck are limited. That is, avoid too tight or, on the contrary, weak fixation of the device.

Step 4

If you have chosen and put on the collar correctly, you will not be able to bend your head. Now keep in mind that in order to see something below, you will have to bend your whole body. Therefore, if you need to tie your shoelaces or do something else like that, it is better to ask another person about it.

Step 5

It is extremely inconvenient to drive in a bandage. Now you can only turn your head along with the body body, which means you will not be able to constantly look into the side mirrors of the car. It is very dangerous, so avoid driving during the treatment.

Step 6

The bandage should be removed from time to time to allow some muscle groups to rest. Talk to your doctor about how often you can do this. In most cases, when wearing a Chance collar, doctors recommend removing it every 2 hours for 30 minutes.

Step 7

Strictly follow all the prescriptions for the timing of treatment of your disease with the Chance collar. If during treatment you have any discomfort - dizziness, "surges" in blood pressure and other symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.

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