What Is An Expert Ultrasound

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What Is An Expert Ultrasound
What Is An Expert Ultrasound
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Expert ultrasound is the most modern way to diagnose diseases. It often becomes a key basis for diagnosis and treatment.

expert ultrasound expands the possibilities
expert ultrasound expands the possibilities

The difference between expert ultrasound and traditional

The key difference here lies only in the technique used. During the traditional ultrasound examination, the equipment of the middle class is most often involved. With its help, only superficial diseases can be detected. Expert ultrasound, using the latest generation equipment, helps to conduct a comprehensive examination using many modern techniques. So, on a conventional ultrasound machine, you can only identify the general condition of the mammary gland, detect neoplasms and determine their size.

If there is a need to undergo an ultrasound scan, for the most complete picture of the state of health, it is best to contact a qualified specialist who works with the latest equipment of the latest generation.

An expert ultrasound scan allows you to determine the type of neoplasm, benign or not, to predict the further course of the disease. If the tumor turns out to be benign, with the help of modern equipment it will be possible to determine how effective the chemotherapy procedure will be, at what point the use of chemicals can be reduced, and at what point they can be completely abandoned.

Expert ultrasound during pregnancy

Expert ultrasound is most common in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Thanks to the latest technology, it became possible to carry out Doppler sonography and display a 3D image of the fetus. With the help of these data, the specialist is able to diagnose in a timely manner even the smallest deviations in the development of the child. The entire diagnostic process, as a rule, is recorded on an information carrier. In the event of a controversial issue, you can repeatedly watch the record in order to make the right decision.

Expert 3D and 4D examination allows for a comprehensive diagnosis of all abdominal organs and all anatomical structures of the body, timely detection of any pathological changes and formations.

An expert ultrasound scan is recommended at all stages of pregnancy. It allows you to see the correct diligence of the fetus, to conduct a timely diagnosis of blood supply disorders. In the later stages, it helps to most accurately calculate the weight and height of the baby. An expert ultrasound scan is performed both as directed by a doctor, if any abnormalities in the development of the child are suspected, and at the request of the pregnant woman herself. This examination does not pose a risk to the health of the mother and baby.

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